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The new bj40 City Hunter Edition is launched, represented by the new "Sea Breeze Blue" paint

2022-08-06 19:32:14Oriental Information Automobile

When it comes to the word off-road, I believe many people will feel a little sensitive. After all, it seems to be an aloof behavior that is out of the mainstream social circle.But today, off-roaders have lowered their stature and are no longer obsessed with "drawing a line" from urban SUVs.Recently, the 2nd Yueye Tribe Open Day, held by Beijing Off-Road, kicked off. The event with the main line of "playing" unveiled 3 new models in one go, making urban young audiences shout: "Enjoyment".But the question is, when off-road becomes "Yue Ye", how to play?

Beijing off-road reshapes the city to play lifestyle, off-road comfort is not wrong

For a long time, the auto market orientation has always been immersed in the atmosphere of "better imported quality".As everyone knows, today's independent brands also have the existence of the trend.In the 2nd Yueye Tribe Open Day, Beijing Off-Road exhibited 12 different national charm-themed skins in one breath, which not only showed the heritage of Chinese traditional culture, but also conveyed the aesthetics of oriental culture to the outside world.Among them, the 2023 BJ40 City Hunter Edition has attracted much attention as a carrier of tide clothing. After 10 years of upgrades and iterations, it has been rated as "BJ40 with the best quality" by users.

With the official debut of the new BJ40 City Hunter Edition, the new car has announced a listing guide price of 159,800-189,800 yuan. At the same time, the official also offered a very sincere car purchase gift, including a replacement gift of up to 8,000 yuan., as well as financial gifts with 0 interest for two years, etc., which can save users a lot of car purchase costs.In addition to the two major highlights of product price and car purchase gift, the new car has upgraded the appearance, driving comfort, and intelligent technology on the basis of inheriting the strong off-road strength of the BJ40.

Compared with the previous BJ40 new products, the new BJ40 City Hunter Edition completely "relaxes hands and feet", and integrates a young, fashionable and trendy design attitude into the new car, represented by the new "Sea Breeze Blue" paint, which will make summerThe freshness and coolness of the sun and ocean are brought into the urban scenery. At the same time, many soft package details in the interior are also matched with "blue and white double color matching". Only in terms of visual atmosphere, the new car is more in line with the aesthetic concept of urban young consumer groups.

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