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Which is more fuel-efficient, Ralink dual engine or BYD Qin plus?

2022-08-06 19:32:20Oriental Information Automobile

Whether it was or is now, we are all in a vicious circle of "joint venture quality". This kind of behavioral awareness has formed a phenomenon: as long as the budget is sufficient, the joint venture brand must be given priority when buying a car.Of course, the quality of the joint venture is not aimless. The value preservation rate of the used car market is the best "testimony", which can directly corroborate the quality stability and market reputation of a joint venture car.In such a thinking framework, we will not talk about whether the functional configuration is rich and whether the dynamic performance is sufficient, but only focus on the compact car market, and take a look at the mainstream hybrid cars in combination with the economy that is most concerned by the current car environment.Sedan representative: Which is better, Lei Ling Shuangqing or BYD Qin PLUSDM-i?

Competition of fuel-saving performance

Ever since the concept of "economy" came into being, people have been willing to participate in it, and even "mobile roadblocks" have appeared in some places.In fact, for professional hybrid models, it is really unnecessary to step on the accelerator and brake lightly. After all, manufacturers have taken into account various operating conditions when designing the hybrid system, including more power demand scenarios., Generally, a smart hybrid system will improve power response and fuel efficiency through a hybrid method, while the Qin PLUSDM-i hybrid system will use a series mode when responding to "floor oil".

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