In recent years, the power of independent brands has been unstoppable,First, Changan won a number of best-selling cars with Blue Whale,Then there are the transformation OEMs and the new car-making forces, which have respectively won the two major markets of entry-level urban commuter vehicles and high-end smart electric vehicles,Now BYD has passedDM-iSuper Hybrid completes full brand electrification,As the world's first traditional car brand to stop producing gasoline vehicles, it has reached the top of the domestic new energy market……Seeing that independent brands have broken the trend of wrestling、The counter-encirclement is about to start,The joint venture brand was finally forced,And the method they came up with is the most used by independent brands in the past“以价换量”.Today we will see three fromB级轿车或SUVjoint venture car in the market,They are the best sellers at different stages,Now they are all in low-price mode、Selling cost performance in exchange for sales volume.

上汽通用别克 - 别克昂科威Plus

售价区间:23.59 - 30.99万元




Envision surprised us a lot during the last iteration,S、S GS、S Avenir、Plus、Plus AvenirMultiple sub-versions in the same class,It is a posture to win the mid-sized championship.Envision seen herePlusIt should be regarded as a relatively advanced upgrade,The grille with blurred borders will pass through the iconic flying wings againLType daytime running lights bring out the overall feeling,另外,All five visible sides of the body have chromed metal,Except for decoration,They will also act as scratch resistance、Optimize passability and other functions.

The center control is on the side where the steering column starts,包括空调控制、Shift surround、The center vents, etc. will deflect,The shift mechanism adopts electronic buttons、The three-spoke steering wheel is leather,Dashboard withHUDHeads-up display support,The leather seats will also provide front row power/加热/Ventilation and rear heating,10.0inch touch screen can passeConnect与4GThe network enables real-time navigation、语音交互以及CarPlay/CarLife手机互联,而BOSEThe sound would be a plus for it.另外,前隔音玻璃+The rear privacy glass is paired with dual-zone air conditioning and variable suspension in the chassis,Will let EnvisionPlusIt is close to a luxury in terms of overall comfortSUV.

机械硬件上,昂科威Plus提供了552T(1.5T)两驱、652T(2.0T)两驱、652T(2.0T)Three four-wheel drive options,它们都会与48V轻混、9AT变速箱匹配,前者有155kW(211Ps)的最大功率与270N·m的最大扭矩,而2.0T则会提供174kW(237Ps)的最大功率与370N·m的最大扭矩,The overall power specifications are relatively high.底盘中,Except for the former MacPherson+Rear multi-link independent suspension combination,Variable suspension would be a nice help too.

上汽通用雪佛兰 - 雪佛兰迈锐宝XL

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迈锐宝XLIt was also brilliant,But in recent years, it has been dragged down by the decline of the brand,But objectively speaking, its value for money is still here.RedlineThe addition of the kit makes it unbeatable in terms of appearance,The sunken engine compartment has a relatively low grille,A black spoiler with red accents will appear on the bumper、rims, etc,With a multi-segment waistline and a slightly slippery backC柱,Sports style is easy to attract young people.

The cabin may be MalibuXLa weak link,Symmetrical layout adopts double fan treatment,Although it still has the right amount of soft pack going into the bezel,But the style is really not modern.当然了,This kind of central control that retains physical buttons will actually meet the car habits of many people.centrally suspended8.0The inch touchscreen can be a little stingy,But its car can also navigate in real time in real time、Dual mode interconnection、语音交互等功能,但并不支持4G网络.其它配置上,Like the front row with heating/通风的真皮座椅、Reversing image with side warning、Adaptive cruise with lane keep assist and more,It's not high class at the moment,But it is also very useful.

机械硬件上,迈锐宝XL与昂科威Plus一样,有535T(1.5T)与550T(2.0T)可选,其中,2.0T与昂科威Plus 652是完全一致的,而1.5TThe engine is tuned a little lower,最大功率为124kW(169Ps)、最大扭矩为250N·m,The transmission is fully matched9AT变速箱,But no four-wheel drive option is offered,但550TModels are still available7秒内破百,Excellent in this non-luxury mid-market segment.底盘中,迈锐宝XL为前麦弗逊+后多连杆式独立悬架组合,Sport performance is covered in tuning,Handling will be a highlight of it.

一汽-大众 - 大众迈腾

售价区间18.69 - 30.99万元




Magotan will complete an important mid-term facelift in the near future,As an evergreen in the midsize sedan market,Although there was a brief crisis、Fall out of line,But still able to maintain the status of the best-selling car.The cash here is still stable,Most dispositions begin with a through、Ends in chrome,Bumpers with ducts enhance youthfulness,The slender line planning is still based on high-level business.

The top-mounted through-air vent with clock in the cabin is still the most conspicuous place,And its touchscreen、The air conditioning touch and bezel decoration are still the sameTSymmetrical structure is predominant,10.3inch digital instrument cluster to simulate navigation、9.2inch touchscreen for real-time navigation、CarLife手机互联、Online car connection and basic voice interaction,But the rest of the functionality will be more limited.不过,12喇叭丹拿音响、Leather seats with main driver massage(30The Anniversary Edition is available in mixed suede)、Dual-zone independent air conditioning and rear sunshade components will enhance its car class.另外,The vehicle can also achieve panoramic images、Full-speed adaptive cruise and automatic parking assist,There is also variable suspension in the chassis to optimise dynamic feedback.

机械硬件上,Magotan provided280TSI(1.4T)、330TSI(2.0T)、380TSI(2.0T)三种动力铭牌,and both with the public7速DSGMatching dual clutch transmission,1.4TMatch dry、2.0T匹配湿式;其中,380TSI将带来162kW(220Ps)的最大功率与350N·m的最大扭矩,This allows the vehicle to be in7.2秒内破百.底盘中,Magotan is also a former McPherson+后多连杆式独立悬架组合,And comes with a top-of-the-line variable suspension system.


Today three midsize cars cover the sedan and SUV市场,The price is actually divided into three levels,It can meet the demands of most of the family car market,其中,昂科威PlusEmergency three rows are also available7座布局,Plus the full lineupT、四轮独悬,并可选2.0T,This performance is not to choose,Just with different positioning and suspension tuning,They have slightly different shock filters and supports,Which one to buy depends on your preference.