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Hidden exhaust + through taillights, more interior details exposed

2022-08-06 19:32:14Oriental Information Automobile

For the Toyota Crown, in people's minds, it has always been the representative of the luxury sedan in the Toyota family, and now Toyota has made the Toyota Crown a new series.Among the new Toyota Crown car family, it not only has family sedans, but also has the latest crossover style appearance and SUV models. It can be said that the classic brand model of Toyota Crown seems to have a new vitality now, and today it is necessary toWhat I want to share with you is this brand new crown sedan with crossover style.

Different from the stable and atmospheric appearance of the old Toyota Crown that we are familiar with in our minds, this new Toyota Crown model adopts a very fashionable design language this time. The whole vehicle has a very sporty visual effect in appearance., especially the two-color body paint and the latest style of sporty front and rear light group design, make this car look a lot more fashionable, and the car also has a very strong cross-border style characteristics, especially the latest style of sportsAluminum alloy wheels and the latest style of body kit make this car look very stylish and sporty.

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