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Kei m8 master version released official figure, using direct organ China open

2022-08-06 19:32:33Oriental Information Automobile

The best-selling car of GAC Trumpchi must be reserved for the Trumpchi M8, especially the master version of Ta, which has always been called the "Reel Law" of the domestic version (Lexus LM300h).In particular, the new version of Ta is coming, and the official map of the master version of the Trumpchi M8 has been released, and the replacement model is really getting better and better.

The master version has always used a straight waterfall middle grille, but this time it uses a spindle shape similar to Lexus, plus the large size of the Ta, so it looks more imposing and refined.In particular, the inverted L-shaped slender daytime running light strip and the irregular radial internal light group structure look much better than the previous ones.

There is not much difference on the side. The length of the new car is 5193mm and the wheelbase is 3070mm, so the square shape and 18-inch rim are generally the level of luxury cars. Now Trumpchi M8 is also used..

The power forward Qi M8 is an epiphany. Although it is an MPV, it can still enjoy the same excellent powertrain as an SUV. In addition to the 185kW 2.0TGDI engine, it will also be equipped with the THS hybrid system developed in cooperation with Toyota.It is composed of a 2.0TM engine and a motor, and the engine power is 140kW.

Ghost Truck View: After the Trumpchi GS8 is replaced, the best thing is the THS hybrid system jointly developed with Toyota. Now the Trumpchi M8 is also used. If the price remains unchanged, it will be the same level.opponent.

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