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Lexus lx600, priced at 1.3 million

2022-08-06 19:32:43Oriental Information Automobile

Lexus LX600, as a high-end product of Lexus, was once thought to be out of the Chinese market.After all, under the stringent National VI emission standards, this large-displacement model seems to no longer meet the requirements.However, the classic Toyota hardcore, the Lexus LX600 model has arrived at the port. This model can meet the latest National VI exhaust emission standards and adopts the latest style of sporty appearance. The estimated price is around 1.3-1.4 million.

In this class of cars, there are not many changes, such as the family multi-level air intake grille, the matrix LED light group, and the sporty body surround.These not only appear on the Lexus LX600, but also on other high-end models of Lexus.

The interior is much more advanced than the Toyota Land Cruiser, such as a 12.3-inch floating central control screen, an independent multimedia audio and video system in the rear, and the latest style of brown leather seats.It really doesn't have to be said.

These are not the selling points of Ta, more than 1 million luxury cars, the most important thing is power and production platform, the latest TNGA structure, non-load bearing body, 3.5T turbocharged engine and 10AT automatic transmission, the maximum power can beIt reaches 415 horsepower, and the maximum torque exceeds 660 Nm. It is equipped with four-wheel drive.

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