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Changan Auchan z6idd and Song plusdm-i, who is the first hybrid car?

2022-08-06 19:33:16Oriental Information Automobile

In the domestic auto market, due to the Chinese people's "preference" for compact SUVs, the compact SUV segment has always been the largest consumer.In the general trend, hybrid models have become the main sales force of compact SUVs. Among them, BYD Song PLUSDM-i is a model that has repeatedly hit the top of compact SUV sales."New forces" have all started catching up with BYD as the goal. For example, Changan Auchan Automobile is a powerful "back wave". In June this year, Auchan launched a new model, which is Changan Auchan Z6iDD, which is also BYD.Song PLUSDM-i's biggest competitor.

Why is Changan Auchan Z6iDD said to be the biggest competitor of Song PLUSDM-i?In fact, the reason is very simple. First, the two cars are both positioned as compact SUVs. Second, among the two models currently on sale, one model has the exact same price.Today we take the 2022 Changan Auchan Z6iDD150KM flagship PLUS version (official guide price of 165,800 yuan) and the 2021 Song PLUSDM-i110KM two-wheel drive flagship model (official guide price of 165,800 yuan) as examples, let's take a look at these two cars together, Who is the hybrid "first car"?

Comparison of appearance and appearance, Changan Auchan Z6iDD is more stylish

As we all know, the current era belongs to young people. As the main force of social production is gradually replaced by young people, in my country's auto market, young people are naturally the main force, and Changan Auchan Z6iDD and Song PLUSDM-i are obviously It's all for young people.Among them, the Changan Auchan Z6iDD adopts the "prism aesthetic" design on the front part of the car, while the Song PLUSDM-i adopts the "long face aesthetics" design. Both cars have "eye-catching BUFF" on the front face, but Changan Auchan Z6iDD hasCompared with the Song PLUSDM-i, the front face design is obviously more individual, because it has a more mecha sci-fi style on the front face, and the side of the body has a stronger cross-border atmosphere, coupled with the fast-back shape and the suspension car.The top shape is better than Song PLUSDM-i's medium-sized rectangular shape in terms of sportiness, and it is also more in line with the aesthetic needs of current consumers.

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