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Changan Auchan z6idd is cool and trendy, equipped with a number of world premiere configurations

2022-08-06 19:33:01Oriental Information Automobile

What should the darling of the intelligent age look like?Is it all-round intelligent driving that frees people's hands and feet?Or is the car machine smooth and highly playable?Or is the voice responsive and highly recognizable?I believe that every consumer has a different view of intelligence, but in the entire automotive industry, the arrival of the intelligent era will not only change the characteristics of a certain aspect of the car, but also a huge change from the inside to the outside.Not long ago, Changan Auchan Z6 was launched. There are two different power options: fuel and hybrid, but its intelligent performance has been upgraded in all directions. It is equipped with a number of world premiere configurations and industry-leading technologies, leading the industry trend.In my opinion, the performance of Changan Auchan Z6 is what the darling of the intelligent era should look like.

Cool appearance leads the industry trend

Under the background of the intelligent age, the trend of energy change is inevitable. Changan Auchan Z6 conforms to the trend and launches the hybrid model Changan Auchan Z6iDD.From the front face, the Changan Auchan Z6iDD adopts the front face of the unbounded design, and the internal elements are diffused layer by layer, giving people a visual experience that radiates and extends like the cosmic starry sky, which is full of science fiction.Around the air intake grille, a high-bright black module decoration is used, which is perfectly integrated with the front face lamp group, forming a sharp and narrow shape with a certain aggressiveness.In the front enclosure, the Changan Auchan Z6iDD also adopts black trim panel decoration, which is combined with the triangular diversion groove decoration on both sides to create a strong youthful and sporty atmosphere.

The official provides consumers with five different body colors, and the Changan Auchan Z6iDD is enough to satisfy the aesthetic preferences of most consumers.Viewed from the side, the smooth body lines of the Changan Auchan Z6iDD, the suspended roof, the bright trims on the side skirts and the aerodynamic wheels all demonstrate its aesthetic and sporty attributes.

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