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Volkswagen's new Bora: landed at 120,000

2022-08-06 19:33:09Oriental Information Automobile

For Volkswagen, there are already many classic models, such as the familiar Volkswagen Santana and Volkswagen Passat, as well as SUV models, Volkswagen Tiguan and Volkswagen Touareg, and in the field of family cars, Volkswagen in addition to the classic Volkswagen Lavida modelsIn addition, there is another model that also left a deep impression on everyone. This is the Volkswagen Bora. Now the new Volkswagen Bora has also met with you, and has completed a comprehensive upgrade in terms of vehicle power and vehicle configuration, not onlyWith the latest appearance of the power system, the appearance has also been greatly improved.

The all-new Volkswagen Bora model has a more fashionable design approach this time around. At the same time, the new style of stretched body lines and the latest light group design make this car look very sporty.It looks 10 full of charm, and this model will also be equipped with the latest style of high-brightness chrome-plated grille and the latest style of sports aluminum alloy wheels, making this car look more fashionable.

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