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Yangcheng Evening News was shortlisted in the Top 500 Asian Brands and continued to be No. 1 in the National Evening News category.

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Text/Photo by He Jing, all media reporter of Yangcheng Evening News

On September 22, the "Asian Brand Conference" hosted by the World Brand Lab was held in Shanghai.The 2022 "Top 500 Asian Brands" list was released at the meeting.This is the seventeenth time the World Brand Lab has evaluated the influence of Asian brands. A total of 500 brands from 20 countries and regions were selected.Yangcheng Evening News (YANG CHENG EVENING NEWS) ranked 180th in the overall list and continued to be the first in the category of China Evening News.

It is reported that the criteria for judging the "Top 500 Asian Brands" is the brand's Asian influence.Stephen Vogel, chairman of the Academic Committee of the World Brand Lab and a professor at Oxford University, analyzed that the basic indicators for evaluating the influence of Asian brands include market share, brand loyalty, and Asian leadership.

A total of 20 brands from 20 countries and regions were selected for the Top 500 Asian Brands. A total of 214 brands from China (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) were selected, accounting for 42.8% of the entire Top 500 Asian Brands, ranking first, among which Mainland ChinaThere are 170 brands on the list; Japan has 133 brands selected, ranking second; South Korea ranks third, with 49 brands selected.

In the face of the economic turmoil caused by the new crown epidemic, all walks of life have been impacted to varying degrees.Compared with last year, the number of selected industries such as finance, information technology, food and beverage has increased, while the number of industries such as retail, real estate, and aviation services has all declined.

In this year's "Top 500 Asian Brands" list, a total of 41 brands from finance, media, information technology, food and beverage, electronic appliances, etc. were selected.Finance is the industry with the most selected brands, with a total of 65 brands selected.The industries ranked second to fifth are information technology (49), food and beverage (48), media (47), and electronic appliances (27).

The "Yangcheng Evening News" was founded on October 1, 1957. It is the first large-scale comprehensive evening news in New China sponsored by the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee. It has been rooted in Lingnan for more than 60 years. It is a company with profound cultural heritage, distinctive Lingnan characteristics andThe mainstream media with the courage to reform and innovate is also the media brand with the most distinctive Lingnan culture among the global Chinese media.

For a long time, Yangcheng Evening News insists on seeking innovation, integration and change. In the exploration and practice of promoting the in-depth development of media integration, it closely focuses on high-quality and high-quality all-media production and dissemination, builds platforms, builds channels, and expands resources., do service, creatively break out the road of "news + culture + service" media integration, transformation and development.

In recent years, Yangcheng Evening News has relied on the integration of cloud platform resources of "newspaper, network, terminal, micro and video", and made use of 5G, big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things, blockchain, artificial intelligence and other information technology revolution achievements to comprehensivelyAdvancing to the main position of mobile communication, promoting the all-media matrix communication platform to achieve information interconnection, and taking "video priority, traffic priority, data priority" as the strategic policy, and continuously develop in depth, audio and video, live broadcast, posters, MV, VR/AR,The forms of fusion media such as AI are stacked.Build a "1+2+3+N" three-dimensional mobile communication chain with Yangchengpai as the center, directly covering more than 150 million users, and Yangchengpai client downloads exceeded 100 million, ranking third in the national provincial party newspapers.In 2021 alone, the total playback volume of the short video communication matrix will exceed 50 billion, resulting in 36 popular works with a playback volume of 100 million+.

Relying on cultural soft power, media resource aggregation capabilities and brand advantages, Yangcheng Evening News vigorously builds a cultural and creative industry park, promotes the park's cultural and creative industry cluster to become bigger and stronger, and feeds back the main business of news.Yangcheng Creative Industry Park has now become a national iconic brand of cultural and creative industry parks, and has formed a cluster of cultural and creative industry parks with "one park and seven districts".A new model for the development of cultural and creative industrial parks, the output value of the park will exceed 30 billion yuan in 2021.

At present, the main park of Yangcheng Creative Industry Park is making every effort to build the "Lingnan Digital Creative Center". Lingnan, digital and creative represent the regional characteristics, era characteristics and cultural characteristics of Yangcheng Evening News, which will make the cultural industry bigger and stronger.have important significance.

In July this year, the World Brand Lab released the 2022 "China's 500 Most Valuable Brands" analysis report in Beijing.Among them, the brand value of "Yangcheng Evening News" increased to RMB 59.875 billion, and while setting a new high, it continued to rank first in the national evening news.Editor: Wu Fangzhou

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