To talk about the big news in the car circle at the moment, the listing of Xiaopeng G9 is none other than the launch.With the announcement of prices and configurations, everything about the G9 has finally been revealed.

The starting price of 309,900 is eye-catching, but careful consideration of the configuration makes people sweat for it.There is no four-wheel drive, no lidar, no intelligent driving, and no 4C ultra-fast charging.From this point of view, if you want to experience "intelligence", you still have to bite the bullet and reach the threshold of 400,000.

But in this way, the allure of G9 is a little less.Looking at the same level, the 349,900-399,900 Avita 11 is equipped with dual-motor four-wheel drive, lidar, high-speed intelligent assisted driving, and 750V high-voltage fast charging as standard.All done.For users who just need four-wheel drive or geeks who embrace intelligence, Avita 11 may be a more suitable choice