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Baidu Map Navigation "Boarding" a Motorcycle: Exploration and Breakthrough

2022-09-23 01:04:39Micro design

日前,Domestic navigation platform baidu map announced,With the spring breeze motorcycle cooperation,Will introduce adaptation motorcycle car navigation system,Spring breeze MOTOROLA's three models first to pick up the system.

百度地图导航“登上”摩托车:Is also broken


May be because of a lack of motorcycle users,It may also be because motorcycle space is too small,Almost no manufacturer intends to install car machine in the motorcycle,Many had to use cell phone when driving motorcycle knight navigation,Still buy high quality mobile phone support,In case the phone fall.Car is iron package meat,A motorcycle is meat package iron,So distracted operating mobile phone,一旦出现意外,The driver may be limited by serious damage.

Normal map navigation on mobile phones and cars we use more,Many software and car navigation mode,But the navigation、Car machine into the motorbike,Very rare.From the original paper maps to now,Thousands of years history of navigation,Step into the new age is?

The navigation platform of the previous generation this life

The simplest way of navigation,No doubt is a physical map,Mankind has been in use for thousands of years.When the car came to,The manufacturer's idea is to blend in physical map of car,Through physical button scroll replacement display area.1921In the United States, MinnesotaJohn J BovyThe first applied for related patents,几年后,A similar design of wearable navigation equipment“Plus Four”诞生了.

1932年,Italian company to develop a navigation system of“Iter-Auto”Is also a physical map,But be integrated into the dashboard,And there are circuits,When the driver to drive,Map is activated.在GPSBefore the invention of navigation was,Physical map navigation has been the mainstream.

百度地图导航“登上”摩托车:Is also broken


1960年开始,The United States have launched a few for navigationTransit卫星,A few years later, he launched aTIMATION卫星项目,也就是最初的GPS导航系统.The satellite navigation signal was very weak,And is mainly used in the military field,直到1983年,President Reagan issuedGPSSatellite lifted instruction,Satellite navigation to enter the stage of civil.

The development of China's online navigation is not too much behind overseas companies,基本都是20At the beginning of the century popularity and commercial,At that time a map online navigation platform has a well-known domestic、Figure au(Scott map,)、百度地图、图行天下(搜狗地图)等.

百度地图导航“登上”摩托车:Is also broken


With the development of communication technology and satellite positioning technology,Map navigation application scope is more and more widely,2004年TomTom开发出了一款名为“TomTom Go”The navigator,Able to preload the map,并且通过GPS定位、Voice directions.At the same time, the development and based onHDD的导航系统,Not only provides the touch screen、10GB~80GB空间,There are other on-board entertainment functions.

Then is the mobile phoneAppPeace era of visual display,Human-computer interaction more accurate,GPD、Beidou positioning also more accurate,现在的手机、Machine navigation can be precise positioning to the automobile in the driveway.与此同时,The concept of traditional car companies do navigation began to lag behind,Combined with the development of navigation function need to invest a lot of energy and cost,More and more car companies begin to choose to cooperate with map navigation platform,百度地图、高德地图、Tencent map the big three will stand out from many navigation platform.

Whether it is a paper map,Or electronic map,Are the same navigation mode.Navigation satellite was invented,At the same time of reading a map,Where can we more clearly ourselves.Hardware performance and the improvement of algorithm,For navigation has brought more possible,Navigation is practical to improve.Coupled with the city traffic is to complicated,Navigation is arguably became our indispensable function today.

The navigation platform of tomorrow,Everything is not good

到今天,The navigation platform has developed into two,One is used in car machineApp,One is applied to mobile phoneApp.一般来说,The performance of the car machine weak,Difficult to application function and complex software,So the adapter car machine navigation software is usually simple.Some more humanized platform,Have reached their destination automatically query parking lot、Phone line one key to car machine, etc.

百度地图导航“登上”摩托车:Is also broken


相比之下,Powerful mobile phone,The function of the navigation software is very rich,Even say life has become a complete platform.In addition to the inherent navigation,Also supports a taxi、预定酒店、Food coupon、旅游指南、车主服务、道路救援、A car rental、实时公交、代价、买药、Car maintenance, etc,You can also online to buy a house、打游戏.

之所以会出现这种情况,Because of the navigation platform homogeneity problem more and more serious,Function increasingly convergence,A platform with the function of the,Other platforms will imitate immediately.更严重的问题在于,The end of the navigation function to the development of basic,Even more advancedAR导航功能,Is also the mainstream platform has.

百度地图导航“登上”摩托车:Is also broken


正因如此,Navigation platform industry also appeared the situation of the big fish eat small fish,After several rounds of competition,Only the alibaba's gold map、Tencent's tencent map,The big three and baidu baidu map.只能说,The big three InternetBATAfter several sweep,Background not comparable to other enterprise.

However, in the face of increasingly serious homogeneity problem,The way of the big three will seek alternative,Software function can too easily be bad to learn from,Hardware development is baidu's new route.Baidu launched earlier degrees little mirror series products,支持ARNavigation and many car machine function.如今,Baidu to incoming niche car motorcycle machine,But this time, baidu will be successful?

Motorcycle car machine,Is a new circuit intelligent navigation?

Popular online“High-end toy car”,Is not motorcycle market mainstream,Netizens disdains commuter car,Are consumers really need products.正因如此,Motorcycle profitability is not high,可能是因为这个原因,Manufacturers don't want to develop adaptation motorcycle car machine system.

如果不追求极致性能,Car machine cost is not high,想想看,How much is a tablet computer to,Performance weaker than the tablet,Ecological also need not how rich car machine,Lower cost of nature.If for motorcycle adaptation and difficult,Maybe there are two aspects,One is how to get the car machine system integration to the motorcycle,After all, the dashboard has accounted for a lot of space,It can use electronic dashboard to solve,A little bit big screen,The contents of a little narrow in the dashboard is enough.

百度地图导航“登上”摩托车:Is also broken


最大的问题还是价格,The common motor installed on the car machine system,Early rising at least few thousand,But that leads to consumer acceptance.Ordinary people to buy motorcycle just for daily commuting,More than a piece of the navigation screen,A few thousand dollars to rise in price,他们肯定不愿意接受,As a cell phone navigation,What's more, daily commute relatively fixed,Run a few times became familiar with.May be considered the situation,Baidu will choose to cooperate with domestic high-end motorcycle brand spring breeze,Initially considered high-end users.

据前瞻产业研究院统计,2021In China, motorcycle ownership about8500万辆,Of China's21.5%,预计2022年销量可达2332万辆,With auto sales almost.这个数据说明,Motorcycle market is very big,The development of the intelligent space,Just the price need to be further down.

Motorcycle market is indeed a new intelligent navigation route,But only subdivision circuit,For navigation platform,The key or by the algorithm and function of improving user experience,More careful consideration to the needs of users,For example a scooter enhancement of noise is too big,Speech is not working what to do,Under the condition of the machine performance is improved,Whether the car navigation can join some mobile endAppFunctions that it etc.


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