On September 16, the "Yaoguang 2025 Chery Technology DAY" theme event was grandly held at the Chery Longshan Test Center in Wuhu, Anhui.Standing at the new starting point of the 25th anniversary, Chery Automobile also showed the latest achievements of its innovative research and development to the outside world, and made a positive outlook for the future development.In addition, Chery's "Yaoguang Laboratory" was also launched at this conference, which also marks that Chery has opened a new chapter in the research and development of core technologies.

Bao Siyu, Deputy General Manager of Chery Holding Group, Executive Deputy General Manager of Chery Co., Ltd., and General Manager of Chery New Energy, said that Chery New Energy will be committed to deepening the small car market, which is the cornerstone that can support us to make a difference in the future.At the moment of changing times, Chery will also revive new vitality through a new look and the blessing of new technologies.

5 Core Competencies: Chery New EnergyGrasp the new pulse of development

Bao Siyu introduced that the current core competitiveness of Chery New Energy is mainly five points: intelligence, green, C2M, ecology and Yaoguang Laboratory.

Intelligence is the core of future enterprise competition, which has changed the original attributes of automobiles; green new energy is a change in powertrain, and travel has become sustainable; in addition to lighthouse factories and industrial interconnection, Chery New Energy willIn the future, products will face users directly. Even if there are thousands of users, Chery can make adaptive changes in design and needs. In this process, C2M is particularly important; the Galaxy ecology released this time, and the in-depth construction of the iCar ecology,It can bring better services to customers; finally, Yaoguang Laboratory can input a steady stream of technical power to Chery New Energy and continuously empower new cars.

In addition, in terms of product differentiation, Bao Siyu also put forward a new view. The small car market that Chery New Energy focuses on is not a low-end representative, because small cars can also be intelligent, plus the life cycle of small carsIt is the same as the big car, so the market for new energy cars can be expected in the future.It can be seen that in the future, Chery New Energy will be committed to deeply cultivating the small car market, and intelligence and understanding of future users will also be the foundation of Chery's foothold.

Seize the high point, the core technology is an important fulcrum

Speaking of Chery, people often say three things, which shows that Chery's core technology is recognized by the outside world.It is worth mentioning that in terms of innovative technologies, Chery has basically and completely mastered core technologies such as intelligent network connection and lightweight.In the project of "Key Technologies and Equipment for Short-Process R&D and Manufacturing of Aluminum-Based Lightweight New Energy Passenger Vehicles", Chery New Energy also won the first prize of the automobile process science and technology progress award, and was selected into the list of green technology promotion catalogues of the National Development and Reform Commission.

At the same time, Chery New Energy is also actively deploying electronic technology.For example, intelligently developed electronic controls and batteries.Bao Siyu introduced that in the future, Chery New Energy's next-generation high-safety batteries will gradually enter the market and will be released in the future.


Since its establishment 25 years ago, Chery Automobile has gained the favor of nearly 10 million users around the world.Under the guidance of the forward-looking technology strategy of "Yaoguang 2025", Chery will, with the courage to embrace change and lead the change, step up with the attitude of joint growth and forge ahead, and show more powerful Chinese power and more profoundness to the global auto industryChinese wisdom.It is believed that Chery New Energy will also deliver a satisfactory answer with the essential blessing of its unremitting pursuit of technology.