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2023 Buick New Regal launched, priced from 196,800, configuration adjustment

2022-09-23 01:48:49Oriental Information Automobile

A few days ago, I learned from the Buick official that the 2023 Buick New Regal (parameters丨picture) has been launched. The new car has launched two models. Compared with the previous model, the main configuration has been adjusted. The official prices are196,800 and 210,800.

In terms of appearance, the 2023 Regal basically continues the shape of the 2022 Regal. The front face is decorated with a matrix-type grille with a fish-scale grille, and is decorated with chrome trims. The entire front design is relatively flat.Going up the sports atmosphere is more intense.

From the side, the slender side body, the side waistline rising from front to back, and the door handles are also decorated with chrome trims, which can better reflect its beauty.The tail design is also biased towards sportiness. The ducktail design on the top of the rear tail cover and the double-outlet and double-row exhaust shape at the bottom add to the sporty atmosphere.

The overall design of the interior is relatively simple. The overall material of the instrument panel is wrapped with a large area of ​​soft materials, which is quite comfortable to the touch; an 8-inch central control screen is equipped in the middle, and the Internet of Vehicles and OTA upgrade functions are standardand voice recognition control.

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