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Baojun's new hardcore SUV, the "replacement" of Jimny?

2022-09-23 01:48:53Oriental Information Automobile

Recently, the Baojun brand of SAIC-GM-Wuling released a preview of a new hard-core SUV, which is officially defined as an "urban entertainment trendy product".However, because the overall outline of the new car is similar to that of the Suzuki Jimny (parameters丨picture), it was dubbed the "domestic Jimny" by netizens, which attracted great attention from the market.

The irreplaceable "Jimney"

Judging from the official preview image, the "square box" design of the new car, coupled with the contrasting white + yellow paint, makes the whole car not only meet the design of a hard-core SUV, but also has a strong retro charm.In addition, the new car has higher ground clearance, larger approach and departure angles, and a small roof rack, which means that the vehicle will have a strong passing ability.

In addition, the details of the new car are also very well handled. For example, a black trim panel is used on the front face. The overall outline is dominated by a tough shape. With the design of the daytime running lights on both sides, it is highly recognizable..In order to echo the design of the front face, the rear design of the new car maintains a consistent style. The annular design taillights are more coordinated with the style of the whole vehicle, and the interior adopts a ring light source structure.

The new car is also equipped with two-color rims, supplemented by yellow brake calipers, making the vehicle more dynamic.It is worth mentioning that, combined with the shape of the door handle on the inside of the taillight, it is expected that the new car is likely to use a side-opening rear door design.However, after confirming with the official, the new car is expected to use pure electric power instead of fuel.

Perhaps many people will think that because the new car does not have a fuel version, it may affect the sales performance of the product in the later stage, and it is not a "replacement" for the Jimny.

On this issue, we had to analyze it in conjunction with the Jimny.In the hardcore off-road SUV circle, the Jimny is not a "player" in the same circle as Prado, Pajero, Wrangler, etc. The main reason is that the Jimny is weak in power, and the original factory is not equipped with electronic limited slip, rear axle differential locketc. configuration.In other words, the Jimny is not suitable for long-distance high-speed crossing, or extreme climbing and other car scenarios.

In this context, Jimny has opened up a new "playing method" based on its own advantages, such as taking advantage of its small size and other advantages to specifically cross narrow areas, such as rainforests.With its unique gameplay, Ringtone successfully avoided the competition with hardcore off-road SUV models such as Prado and Wrangler, and gained the favor of a large number of off-road vehicle fans.

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