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Tesla's wave of price cuts cut scalpers to tears

2022-09-23 01:49:59Chinese Industry Information Station

说白了,在 9 月 16 日 - 9 月 30 Days to get the car owner,The official gave you a 8000 Yuan cash package.

这让我 9 月 15 The owner of the car before the day of,内心作何感受?

所以,“ 车主们 ” Opens the activist mode again.

但在发稿前,Tesla's official did not respond to the insurance subsidies.

Subsidies have owners enquiring about tesla delivery centers 8000 是否属实,Tesla stores said they don't know.

I first regardless of subsidies it true and false.Don't know everyone found no,The electric car companies a price cut have massive activist,A few days ago is ideal,Tesla again today.

其实回头想想,Tesla since model 3 这车 2019 年 2 月上市以来,Large and small, the price also many.

尤其是 2020 Years tesla began to localization of it,进口特斯拉 36.5 万,Domestic pre-sale price 35 万,结果没过多久,官方降价、Tax breaks the 77881 count,Price into 29.9 万.

更让人生气的是,Weibo owner response yourself 9 月 12 Pick up the car number,That sales will not reduce the price.

The car hasn't been wu hot a month,就降价了,To cut a wave owners leek.

And why tesla said the drop drop,A drop activist?

Granddad's Toyota Volkswagen ford before it,The price also ups and downs,Zha don't touch the on-off activist?

Some netizens said tesla model to sell cars directly pot,Said retail model sell cars have no traditional auto dealers selling cars that kind of “ Price of gov ”.

em... Marketing mode is a question,But as prices rise in price since the ancient times were to fall will fall to rise up,But nothing “ Price of gov ”.

The Volvo clearance S80L,降价 5.3 Wan is not also said fall down,Who call you say "hello".

The dealers will zha aren't so multidimensional rights?Za from dealers selling cars mode with retail selling cars before talking about the difference between.

Before I buy a car from the dealer that buy,Can understand as a local distributor,Have a group also has a private,其中 4S Restaurant is the most familiar everyone.

4S Shop pay from the same stock,Then take it out.大众、Toyota and other traditional car now or so sell cars.而对于消费者来说,Dealers mode is the most disgusting point will increase,Especially in some less popular niche models.

Is the price at the sharp end of Toyota,Such as the well-known premium 30 万买埃尔法,加价 7 万买 supra,威尔法、BRZ  reservieren.They add more or less, etc.

This price,Makers can do.

说白了,Even are selling Toyota,The same place several kilometers apart dealers will have different price,Different promotion models,This just gave you guys “ Price of gov ” 的错觉.

Natural owners to find any cheaper to buy,Don't have the rights.

特斯拉,To break the routine of the auto industry sales,Let the consumer benefits,Imitate the cook, "torre make retail mode.

But it is time to cut,The national unified adjust,So be say cut chives.

说到底,Dealers have distributor mode of good,Marketing also has directly bad.

但话说回来,Tesla is in order to benefit consumers make retail mode,But always without warning the price,Put aside who are uncomfortable in heart.Can't the owner to buy a car also like Fried,Moments grasp the forefront of the market,Guess you want rise or fall?

哎~,你别说,Is a group of people playing “ 炒车 ”,Not only Fried tesla,极氪 001 ,Euler these slow delivery can fry.

That how to fry the car?

很简单,Because the tesla on this thing is not the first time for,Since retail mode,Prices get a dozen times.

今年三月,The price of raw materials such as lithium iron phosphate a wave,Led directly to nearly a dozen new energy vehicle prices,少则几千,Is tens of thousands of.

特斯拉的 model 3 和 model Y,就曾在 3 月 10 日到 3 月 17 Day three times for prices,涨价幅度 1.5 万 -2 万.

而且受疫情影响,Tesla appeared in short supply situation.当时 Model 3 大概提车周期是 24 ~ 30 周, Model Y 是 10 ~ 14 周.

除此之外,Retail mode basic didn't buy a car now car,Make deposit ways,Divided into small and big order set,Small order can be refund,After the big not back,Big once began to arrange the factory building cars to you.Cattle go directly big set order,Convenient than trading now also.

There is difference space,Delivery and slow,Or order form,堪称天时地利人和,So the scalpers sticking the timing,The increase in the price of his own hands before order premium writes to sell in a hurry to buy a car owner.这样,Under the condition of the car didn't mention,Cattle can earn white writes.

而且在 “ 赚快钱 ” 的诱惑下,Many prospective owners and second-hand dealer have become a cow,Fry the tesla.

Peak scalper even directly rushed into the tester guy under DOS,Sales front foot had just chat with intention client,Cattle came to him,Say that I have order,Can be earlier than stores to get the car,But also cheaper than after prices.

The owner must choose scalpers,又便宜又快.

And with Shanghai automotive supply chain bruised,Tesla facing super plant shut down,The global prices of raw materials is rising,Many cattle predict tesla's price will continue.

于是,越来越多的 “ Fry cattle car ” 开始下订单,收订单.

According to insiders revealed,A cow's hand may also save the dozens of hundreds of orders.

Tesla a wave of price cuts Cut the scalpers to cry

Tesla's side of the Marketing Department also scared,Thought the order is real owners,I didn't expect all cattle,This late for their market assessment、Production forecasts and other planning will bring great influence on.

So the net spread tesla with owners make a《 不转卖订单承诺书 》,To users within a year not to transfer,Otherwise you need to pay 20% 的违约金、Additional services such as super limit vehicle charging.

Tesla a wave of price cuts Cut the scalpers to cry

Ask amiss completely isolated from cattle,But also seemed futile,直到今年 8 月份,A fish taking tesla orders are still a lot of .


疫情缓解后,Shanghai factory comprehensive return to work,The global automotive supply chain system gradually smooth.

But tesla's super building cars machine,上海超级工厂,The second stage production line optimization has been 9 月 1 日竣工,开始调试.

Tesla also pointed out in the report,Will work by increasing the length、增加员工数量、Improve the material flow frequency to achieve production capacity.

Tesla a wave of price cuts Cut the scalpers to cry

说白了,Tesla after capacity must bulge,The car cycle from the original few weeks,Into a few weeks.


And this is just the beginning,不少业内人士预测,今年 10 Month tesla will usher in a new wave of price,If not tooling price,Will also be like now such rights to release,Insurance subsidies to achieve disguised price,促进销量.

没错,Fry car the scalpers crying,Cry like a 9 月 16 日 Apple Store 门口的 iPhone Cattle as loudly.Because the official price means the chariot before order will be on hand.

Tesla a wave of price cuts Cut the scalpers to cry

So there is also a blogger speculation,The tesla's rights unrest,In addition to their heart really humbled,不乏一些 “ Compensate the bottom off ” Scalpers flames behind.After all their orders are, and the price is closed to the.

Tesla a wave of price cuts Cut the scalpers to cry

但归根结底,Cattle are cars can fry,With automakers frequent price reduction can't get away.

直营模式,Destined for the makers decide how much money is to sell how many money,Owners want to use the lowest price to buy a car,It all by “ 观察 ”,This nature to scalpers chink in the wall.

But want car companies to increase production capacity short time,A car is current car it is not realistic.

So bad review you think,Under the premise of hosts, in an effort to increase production capacity,Actually more should be done well with owner's communication and coordination,This is retail mode of natural advantages,Can communicate with customers face to face.

Tesla a wave of price cuts Cut the scalpers to cry

Such as as far as possible to avoid the large amount of fast rise,One day there will be ten thousand or even tens of thousands of pieces of the price,Put aside who are uncomfortable in heart.

And strengthen the stores sales staff training,In advance to inform owners recently there will be a price change this car,Notice the risks in place.

再不济,Since the price behavior has happened,Can use some rights to compensate for half year or one month old owner of the car,Give some charging rights、Quality assurance rights、Auxiliary driving rights and maintenance rights and interests, and so on.

Now many new energy car companies is a cross-border players,Make marketing also do not have what experience.Now the Internet than in those days,Destined to what things will be on the tooling to say,So use your natural advantage with owners to communicate,Can save a lot of trouble to make car.

Tesla a wave of price cuts Cut the scalpers to cry

最后,I hope everyone can buy a hand won't depreciate car.

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