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The new generation cr-v adopts a more stylish front face shape

2022-09-23 03:08:16Oriental Information Automobile

Recently, a set of real photos of the new generation seven-seat CR-V have been circulating on the Internet.It is reported that the new-generation seven-seat CR-V is expected to be launched at the end of September along with the five-seat model.

Appearance, the new generation of CR-V adopts a more fashionable front face shape, the front face is replaced with a set of honeycomb-shaped large-size grille, and the top of the grille is also equipped with a chrome-plated decoration to connect the headlights on both sidesGroup.

In terms of size, the new generation CR-V has a length, width and height of 4703/1866/1680mm and a wheelbase of 2701mm.Compared with the current model, the length and wheelbase of the new car are increased by 82mm and 40mm respectively, which is also a prerequisite for the launch of the seven-seat version.

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