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gl8es Lu Zun and Yue version, family travel is more secure

2022-09-23 03:09:51Oriental Information Automobile

Following the release of the new GL8 Century, the GL8 family on sale has also been fully updated and upgraded. The shield-shaped front face design echoes the aesthetic trend of medium and large MPVs in recent years.It not only saves the trouble of retrofitting and upgrading in the aftermarket, but also the delicacy and reliability of the original design are unmatched by modified parts.

In addition to the appearance update, the GL8 has also greatly expanded the product range, especially the mainstay GL8ES Lu Zun, and two new "Harmony (parameters, pictures) version" models have been added.This new subdivision series has adjusted and optimized the configuration for the car use scene of family users, so that the family car owners with an increasing proportion can more decisively "chop their hands".

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