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The new Xingrui spy photos are exposed, and the new LCD instrument panel is replaced, and it breaks 100 in 7.9 seconds

2022-09-23 03:10:10Oriental Information Automobile

As a first-tier self-owned brand car company, Geely Automobile has many models with outstanding sales, among which Geely Xingrui (parameters丨picture) in the sedan camp is one of them.According to relevant statistics, in August this year, Xingrui sold 10,184 vehicles, a month-on-month increase of 41.17%.A few days ago, the interior spy photos of the new Geely Xingrui were exposed, and the new car was replaced with a large-size central control screen, which is much more technological than the current model.The spy photos of the appearance that were exposed before should not change too much.

According to the spy photos of the interior, although the style of the new car is still a continuation of the current model, such as the smooth folding line of the central control chrome trim, a large area of ​​soft material is covered, and the shape of the gear handle should be the same as the current model.The central control part is replaced with a super-sized floating central control screen. I don’t know if it will support rotation. This large screen looks a bit awkward, but maybe this is not the final effect, maybe the screen will move down a bit.And since the screen is so big, maybe the new car will also be equipped with a new car chip. You must know that Xingrui's car freeze problem has been widely criticized, which greatly affects the driving experience.And if a more fluent chip is installed, then the operation will be much smoother.

Not only the central control screen, it can be seen from the spy photos that the new car should also be equipped with a new LCD instrument panel, which should be very convenient to view.

In terms of appearance spy photos, the whole car of the new car continues the current Xingrui, and the straight waterfall grille is camouflaged, so it should have a new design.The headlights at both ends are very slender, and the upper side should have the daytime running lights that are broken.Strips are embellished.The image of the canopy is very muscular.

In the side part of the body, the upper waistline is relatively straight, extending from the front to the rear.The outside of the windows is surrounded by a chrome trim.The hub has a petal-like design.

The rear part of the car has a duck-tail design, and the chrome trim is connected to the taillight group, forming a penetrating effect.The rear surround is very layered, the diffuser is very exaggerated, and the exhaust pipe shape is very wide.

In terms of power, the new car may continue the current model. Refer to the current Xingrui. It is equipped with a 2.0T turbocharged engine with a maximum horsepower of 190 horsepower.-100km/h acceleration takes only 7.9 seconds.

It can be seen that the upgrade of the interior of the new Xingrui is much more obvious than the appearance. Not only the technological atmosphere has been improved significantly, but if you can replace the chip that can make the operation smooth, then the sales will continue to increase.let us wait and see.

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