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Fun Iceland | Cool "Monster Truck"

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Hot water tastes like honey.
Capital can be seen everywhere around the cat star people.
Viking guy in a vest in a few degrees of temperature.
Speaking of Iceland“怪”,Friends who have visited Iceland can often find it at their fingertips.

Speaking of Iceland“怪”,have to mention a“怪物卡车”:It's super high,Huge tires,Often travels outside of Iceland's cities.这就是大名鼎鼎的 super jeep(Super Jeep)了.The outskirts of Iceland are full of bumpy mountain roads、石路.Many no-man's-lands such as above the glaciers,in the inland highlands,Ordinary vehicles are completely out of reach,Only this specially modified super jeep,In hold a special license under the driving of the old driver,to get people to these places safely,A glimpse into the secret. Today we are going to talk about super jeeps in Iceland.

what is a super jeep

Super Jeep is actually a modified four-wheel-drive off-road vehicle,The biggest feature is the huge wheels,And you can adjust the tire pressure at any time,Suitable for tough terrain.These modified vehicles also have the potential to penetrate into niche areas of Iceland in harsh conditions.Whether it's the inland highlands,F山路,涉水路段,fjord road、or areas and roads with a lot of snow,even glaciers,Specially tuned and modified super jeeps can handle it with ease,来去自如.
Such an almighty car is naturally not cheap.Converting a Super Jeep is expensive in itself,And driving a super jeep requires special training and a special driver's license,Plus Iceland's expensive labor,保养,维修成本,and high fuel consumption,So use super jeep as transport package tour price will be higher than ordinary bus Tours.compared to bus,Limited seats per Super Jeep,Usually one load6-10名乘客,This way, when participating in the super jeep group,The service provided by the guide is more attentive and thoughtful.所以综合考虑,如果你的预算比较充足,Super jeep tours are a premium option.

Frequently Asked Questions about Super Jeep Tours

有人问:Is there a minimum number of people for a super jeep tour??

Xiaobian answer:While there are some super jeep tour can be a registration,But many have minimum requirements.,大部分为2位或4位起订.In the booking interface of each tour group,There will be specific demands and annotations.If there is a limit on the number of people,在页面“选择人数”There will be corresponding prompts in the column.If your number is insufficient,You can also choose to make up for the price of the minimum number of people required,So you can successfully register.
有人问:Where do Iceland's super jeeps go??

Xiaobian answer:There are plenty of itineraries to choose from on a super jeep tour in Iceland,Not only the niche inland highlands(Summer and winter)、冰川、火山、蓝冰洞、西部峡湾、Northern Lake Myvatn Region,And the golden circle、Relatively simple routes such as the south coast of Iceland.

我们的 马蜂窝商城店铺There is a day trip to the Inland Highlands、Aurora hunting and other super jeep tours,For more itineraries, please contact our online customer service
Embark on a dashing Iceland trip in a super jeep!
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