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The new Cadillac ct4 premium version, 100 km acceleration 6.9s, you deserve it!

2022-09-23 04:21:55Oriental Information Automobile

The changes in the body lines are relatively positive, and the new model looks more fashionable.The car style continues the family design concept, the front of the car looks layered, and the blackened three-dimensional headlights look very energetic after lighting.The waist line is still Cadillac's unique style, and the enchanting figure is more vividly displayed!In addition, it is equipped with 18-inch sports wheels to make it more sporty.The shape of the rear of the car is more eye-catching, and it looks very solid. The shape of the taillights is also exquisite, especially the brake lights, which echo the daytime lights before.

Compared to the exterior, the interior of the vehicle is the soul of the new model.The three-spoke steering wheel is sporty.All plastic and leather materials are used above the center console, which greatly enhances the sense of grade of the whole vehicle. The front row is also equipped with a dual-temperature zone automatic air conditioning control system, which can freely adjust the most comfortable space atmosphere.At the same time, the new car also provides leather seats, which can bring a certain degree of comfort.

The length, width and height are 4760×1815×1428mm respectively, and the wheelbase also reaches 2775mm. Among the models of the same level, the wheelbase of the Cadillac CT4 (parameters丨picture) ranks 18th.This size exceeds most models in its class.The actual interior space performance is also very good. From the actual riding experience, the front and rear rows are relatively spacious.The sunroof of the Cadillac CT428T distinguished version provides a larger field of vision, which can create a better visual environment and good sensitivity for the rear passengers, and increase the light intake for the whole vehicle.Among the models of the same price and level, the trunk volume of the Cadillac CT4 ranks 15th.

The Cadillac CT428T Premium Edition uses a 2.0 engine with a maximum horsepower of 237 and a peak torque of 350. It is matched with an automatic manual (AT) gearbox.The entire power parameters are superior in power performance among engines of the same level, which can provide better power performance.The Cadillac CT4's official measured zero-to-100 acceleration score is 6.9S, ranking 17th among the 180,000-250,000 mid-size car models.

The active/passive safety configuration of the Cadillac CT4 is complete, including engine start-stop, hill assist, automatic parking, run-flat tires, rear parking radar, body stability control (ESP/DSC/VSC, etc.), Traction Control (ASR/TCS/TRC, etc.), Side Air Curtain, Active Noise Cancellation, Front Parking Radar, LED Daytime Running Lights, Tire Pressure Monitoring, Brake Force Distribution (EBD/CBC, etc.), Brake Assist (BA/EBA/BAS, etc.), anti-lock braking (ABS), child seat interface and other configurations.

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