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Car owners need to pay attention to "full insurance ≠ full insurance"

2022-09-23 08:04:36Oriental Information Automobile

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Buying car insurance has become common sense.Generally speaking, when consumers buy a new car in a 4S store, the 4S store usually recommends buying full insurance.Many consumers, because they don't understand and value their new cars too much, buy full insurance for the new car, thinking that they will be able to sit back and relax in the future, whether it is a car breakdown or an injury, they can all be compensated.So, what is car insurance?If you buy full insurance, do you pay full insurance when you make a claim?Recently, the reporter interviewed the staff of an insurance company in our city to popularize relevant knowledge for consumers.

The staff introduced that due to different insurance companies, there may be some differences in all-insurance insurance. In general, all-inclusive insurance includes fifteen or six types of insurance, but most 4S stores offer all-inclusive insurance including 8 types of insurance.Compulsory traffic insurance, vehicle loss insurance, excluding deductible insurance, third-party liability insurance, vehicle personnel liability insurance, full vehicle theft and rescue, scratch insurance, and separate glass breakage insurance.In fact, in addition to compulsory traffic insurance, the other 7 types are optional to purchase commercial insurance.

The staff told reporters that consumers who buy full auto insurance are not fully insured. In fact, there is no real full insurance. It's just that the types of insurance you buy are relatively comprehensive and provide more protection.Even if all the insurance types are purchased, but if the insurance amount is not enough, you still need to pay for it yourself after an accident, and there is no way to pay for it all.For example, if you only bought a car insurance with an insured amount of 1 million yuan, but a car accident occurs, you need to pay 2 million yuan in claims, and the remaining 1 million yuan still needs to be borne by yourself.In addition, how to settle the claim and how much to settle will also be determined according to the specific terms. Some accidents are excluded from the insurance and are not covered by the insurance, and the insurance is also impossible to pay.

The staff reminds all car owners that they must be clear about "full insurance ≠ full insurance". When purchasing, they must carefully consider their needs, and purchase the type and amount of insurance that suits them, so as not to waste too much money.

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