21世纪经济报道特约记者 钱伯彦 法兰克福报道

接替赫伯特•Diess takes the helm of VW Group's new CEO Obermo(Oliver Blume)It's been almost a month.

Busy with its Porsche brandIPOAlthough the Volkswagen Group has9month seems calm,But the truth is that Diess left Obermo with a whole lot of mess..

Even without considering the Volkswagen Group software subsidiaryCARIADContinued failure to deliver software on time,Only Peugeot on the list of the best-selling models in the European home market in the first half of this year208The once king of golf8Squeezing directly to the top of the list is enough to show that the public's situation is not good.

The problem now is,Arbor jose could lead the public empire out of the woods?

奥博穆:not like diss successor

what kind of leader is obermo?这个问题从21It seems not difficult to answer from the personal experience of the Century Business Herald reporter.

21世纪经济报道记者在9Participated at the beginning of the month byCARIAD和大众汽车云VWACOrganization-sponsored meeting,Surprised at the strategic level some problem cannot get the confirmation of the Volkswagen group of high-level.for as diss“遗产”、The chain has been lost all the year round and the future prospects are unclearCARIADdoesn't seem like a good sign.

But this is not because of arbor jose forCARIADhave a new plan,The reason is simply that Obermo, who has just assumed office, has no three fires when he takes office as a new officer.,Instead, he started the planned vacation itinerary and disappeared..

Than go on holiday to Italy also drive homeID.3workaholic diss,Obermo has a milder personality、Good at communicating and coordinating internal conflicts.

这些变化在9月1It can also be seen at the annual team building meeting of the senior management of the Japanese Volkswagen Group gathered at the Royal Horse and Carriage Museum in Lisbon, Portugal.

根据惯例,The carriage museum site was personally selected by Diess himself.如无例外,Diess to beat VW execs in museum with car instead of horse-drawn carriage at opening——The perennial Tesla and the fuel car that may soon be sent to the museum.

讽刺的是,Distinctive selection of museums“团建”It turned out to be Obermo's debut at the Volkswagen Group.“对我而言,Talent is at the heart of the problem”,This is also the motto that Obermo has been talking about in interviews with many German media..

Another interesting fact about Obermo is,Obermo, a senior executive of the Volkswagen Group, grew up in Brunswick, not far from Wolfsburg,However, since taking over the Porsche brand, he has always settled in Stuttgart, the Porsche headquarters.,Even after being promoted to CEO of Volkswagen Group, there is no plan to move to Wolfsburg,Instead, choose to commute between the two cities year-round.

Obermu, who loves to play football in private, has chosen the position of a free agent that has long since ceased to exist.——According to Obermo himself,A position to better understand teammates and the game.

Obermo's ten-point plan

with energy、even aggressive diss is different,看似是个“老好人”Obermo, although his personal life is full of emphasis on teamwork、平易近人的特点,But this does not mean that Obermo can only play the role of a peacemaker within the Volkswagen Group..

事实上,Obermo in9月1In his first speech in Japan, he clearly stated that he would carry out a ten-point reform plan immediately after taking over Volkswagen.,Including strengthening the North American market presence、The expansion of the European market of charging infrastructure and power battery capacity of the network、继续推进SSPUnified Electric Vehicle Platform、Improve profit margins and capital market performance、increase the groupESG(环境、社会和治理)投资、积极改善CARIADsoftware problems, etc..奥博穆表示,Every bit of the reform plan will be personally responsible for at least one group board member.

Arbor jose also stressed at the same time,Consumers don't care how Volkswagen Group's long-term planning and strategic transformation are set,Nor do they care what the CEO is doing on social media,Volkswagen Group will focus more on creating excellent products from design to production in the future.

And like dynamic、Even Diess interacting with Musk is different,Obermo on Facebook、There are no personal accounts on various social media such as LinkedIn.

especially on the Chinese market,Obermo explicitly rejected the idea that the Volkswagen Group will gradually reduce its dependence on the Chinese market、Even speculation of gradual decoupling from the Chinese market,It also emphasized that it will continue to strengthen cooperation with Chinese joint ventures regardless of international politics..毕竟,Graduated from Tongji University with a Ph.D.,Obermo has no reason to cut back on China.

Another revision by Obermo to Diess' transformation plan is the push for so-called dualE战略,That is, continued investment in synthetic fuels beyond the electrification transitionE-Fuel的研发.

With the synthetic fuels and fuel cells as there is no way out,Arbor jose believe in the future30至50The market still needs a lot of fuel vehicles within the year.Whether it is due to the weak financial strength of developing countries,Or synthetic fuel can make full use of existing infrastructure cost calculation,Obermo to increase cooperation on synthetic fuels with countries with a large share of renewable energy generation.

As Obermo said,“The next three years will be a hard time”.Although Obermo has not given specific key figures in the ten-point plan so far,However, it is clear that different plans including financial core data will be developed for different sub-brands.After arbor jose himself already in new9In the middle of the month and the end of the month, I visited the headquarters of the major sub-brands of the group,Used to define medium-term goals with local management.

The root cause of Obermo throwing out the ten-point plan on his first day in office is that although the Volkswagen Group has handed over a perfect semi-annual report,But if you look closely, it is full of hidden dangers.

一方面,Group strong profitability is based on the strong performance of porsche and skoda brand,The group at the core of public investment returns were below the skoda brand;另一方面,The Volkswagen brand, whose sales continued to shrink, was even behind Groupe Renault and Groupe Renault in the first half of the year in its home market of Europe.Stellantis集团,European sales of the Volkswagen brand's leading Huadan Golf series fell year-on-year29%.

And the whole group of pure electric vehicles5.6%The proportion of sales is also far from what Diess once set.2030年达到50%相去甚远.

Even the electrification transformation representsID.3Also caught in the dilemma of not being able to sell.今年上半年,ID.3sales are much lower than those of its siblingsID.4And European electric car sales top TeslaModel Y,Only ranked No. 1 in electric vehicle sales11位.

In addition to the ten-point plan, another major change in the organizational structure level is that Obermo has downsized the group board of directors to9人,former director of salesHildegard Wortmannand the director responsible for purchasingMurat Akselkicked out of the board.据《德国商报》Citing group sources, Obermo is considering further downsizing of the board,for more flexible decision-making at the group level、And at the same time give more independent decision-making power to major sub-brands.

Obermo previously reduced the Porsche board of directors to only the remaining7人,Its predecessor, Diess, was committed to further expanding the group's board of directors to include12人,And to achieve the long-term goal of the group's decision-making power over the sub-brands.

As for the crystallization of the intelligent transformation of the Diess eraCARIAD,Obermo has made it clear that he will continue the transformational direction left by his predecessor.At the same time Obermo will follow DiessCARIAD董事会主席一职,In order to better control and follow up the project progress of the software subsidiary.

However, previously proposed by Diess, the Volkswagen Group will independently develop the car software code60%The above goals have been substantially abandoned by Obermo.

Obermo, who is good at teamwork, still chooses the traditional model of software R&D outsourcing and direct external procurement or cooperation that OEMs are best at,reversalCARIADInfinite expansion turns into contraction、Focus on positioning product managers and steering the direction.

The biggest of these is the Volkswagen Group's announcement that it has cooperated with the Bosch Group to develop autonomous driving algorithms.,will cooperate with Continental、And the latter is responsible for developing the middle layer software of the Volkswagen in-vehicle operating system.

Obermo previously said at an event at the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart:“我们不希望、also incapable of doing it on its own(软件)研发,我们需要合作伙伴.”事实上,Back in the days of Porsche,Obermo ignores Diess' ambitious software plan,Cook, who has traveled to Silicon Valley many times with Apple, hasApple CarTo negotiate many times into the porsche cockpit.

It also means being more pragmatic、In other words, Obermo, who lacks enterprising spirit, has substantially shrunk Diess' reform goals.,It also means that the relationship between the Volkswagen Group and traditional Tier 1 suppliers will improve in the Obermo era..

去年的慕尼黑车展上,At that time still insist on self-research60%automotive software targetCARIAD总裁Dirk HilgenbergHe once said arrogantly:“(供应商)There are only two paths to choose:One is to become our partner,The second is to be removed from the supplier list.”

Considering that Continental does not only develop middle-tier software for the masses,Volkswagen once“顺我者昌、逆我者亡”The clamor may not recur in the future.


A series of amendments to Diess's reform and transformation route,In addition, it has been determined that the9月29日正式进行IPOPorsche brand,It appears that Obermo, who has been in office for less than a month, is putting the Volkswagen Group back on track.

However, this does not mean that the outside world has no doubts about Obermo..

首先,Volkswagen Group CEO Obermu has not resigned as Porsche brand CEO,That's why Obermo still lives in Stuttgart to remote control things in Wolfsburg..Obermo is expected to be completed under the Porsche brandIPOWill continue to maintain the current dual role thereafter.

Obermo will also be GermanyDAXThe only manager in the history of the stock index to be the CEO of two listed blue-chip companies at the same time.

Fund investment companyDekaIt is said that Obermo has two jobs, which is not good for Porsche.IPO,doubts Obermo's ability to hold two jobs within a group with complex personnel struggles.

but on another level,Retaining the Porsche CEO role is also a way for Obermu to establish himself within the group,After all the tees in the popular brand, chief executive of lost after soon lost everything.

Another challenge for Obermo comes from Audi brand CEO Dussmann(Markus Duesmann).As a friend and direct descendant of Diess,Dussman was dug from BMW to Audi by Diess himself,And Dussman himself has always been interested in becoming Diess' successor..But Dussmann's efforts were ultimately rewarded by Porsche-Mr Piech family of arbor mourinho backed to fail.

Even beyond the power struggle,早在CARIAD软件E1.2和E2.0development progress and priorities,Duesman has had a dispute with Obermo,Both hope to obtain the latest version of the system software for their own brand by sacrificing the other party's brand.The focus of debate behind it can also be embodied in AudiQ6 e-tronIn-group priority battle with Porsche's electric Maca.

Although Dussman and Obermo have repeatedly publicly expressed their good will to cooperate together,But the Audi brand had previously hoped to rejoin Formula 1F1The race plan is being swept away by Porsche-Piech families approved after long-term negative suddenly considered arbor jose in exchange for du 'support and had to make big concessions.

Even inside the Wolfsburg,Consistently strong unions have so far expressed support for Obermo,But given that Obermo is accepting《德国商报》In an interview, it said that it will continue Diess' cost-cutting measures and will involve all sub-brands,It seems that the short-lived friendship between the union and Obermo will not last long..

compared to steadfast changemaker diss,Obermo more similar to Diess' predecessor Mueller(Matthias Müller),Also from the Porsche brand, it also pays more attention to teamwork within the group.遗憾的是,“老好人”Mueller kicked out after just two and a half years,And can Obermo avoid repeating the same mistakes??

至少,former reformer herbert•Diess is not far.根据惯例,Diess, who was fired early, will keep his original contract until2025年,In addition to the annual salary of 10 million euros,Will remain as internal consultant is active in group.