Recently, the 2023 Xingtu Lingyun was launched. The new car covers two power product camps, 300T and 400T, with a total of 5 configuration versions: 300T models are priced at 14.79-155,900 yuan; 400T modelsThe price is 162,900-182,900 yuan.

Originally, the listing of a mid-term remodeled car is a common occurrence, but the problem is that Starway actually claims to have carried out 8 driving control, 11 comfort,As well as 9 security improvements, the theme of this conference is set as "The Way of Lingyun for All Movements".

Does Starway really think the Internet has no memory?

At the beginning of this year, Starway Lingyun launched a performance version of the model, Starway Lingyun S, which is known as a track-level SUV model.The score is 6.0s, and the elk test score is 85.9km/h." appears in a prominent position.

However, some big Vs were skeptical, so they borrowed Lingyun S from the supplier, and even bought a new car for testing. Both tests failed to reach 6.0second level.

In addition, the well-known self-media also tested Lingyun S, and the result was the same, unable to reach the level of 6.0 seconds.

It can be said that one stone stirred up a thousand waves. This incident continued to ferment, and there was even a situation where there was a suspected confrontation between the manufacturer's personnel and the car reviewer. Chery officially threw a 6.0 on the track.The zero-hundred-hundred-second acceleration result was later falsified by a face-slapped "P-picture", which suddenly fell into the biggest product crisis in the four years since its establishment, triggering a series of wars of words on the Internet.

At the center of the storm of public opinion, Starway Lingyun S almost became a laughing stock. Some netizens said: The promotion of Lingyun S's track-level SUV is a classic case of reverse marketing.The original advantage is not used as a selling point, but it is the result of vigorous publicity on the short board and insufficient communication between marketing and product development.

It was also after this incident that the top management of Starway changed dramatically.Huang Zhaogen was appointed as Assistant General Manager of Chery Automobile Co., Ltd., Executive Deputy General Manager of Chery Marketing Company, and General Manager of Starway Marketing Center, reporting to Jia Yaquan.

Xingtu senior executives, such as Li Dongchun, Qian Songxiong, Miao Gang, former deputy general managers of Xingtu Marketing Center, have resigned. Ye Lei, the former general manager of Xingtu Marketing Center, has no new positions, and wasConfirmed to have left the star path.

In particular, I would like to mention Huang Zhaogen, who is a direct-line cadre of Chery Auto and is also a veteran of Chery Auto.

Public information shows that Huang Zhaogen joined Chery after graduating from university and has more than 20 years of work experience in the automotive industry.He has successively served as Deputy General Manager of Chery Sales Company, General Manager of Kaiyi Automobile Marketing Center, and General Manager of Karry Automobile Sales Company.

Yes, there is nothing wrong, that is, Karry and Kaiyi, which have been marginalized at present, are Huang Zhaogen's former government.Today, Huang Zhaogen's product marketing for the 2023 Xingtu Lingyun is obviously another typical case of failure.

As ​​we all know, since its birth, Starway has carried the dream of Chery's third "high". In the plan of Chery Chairman Yin Tongyue, "Jietu is Skoda., Chery is Volkswagen, and Xingtu is Audi.”

Achievable is the application of high-end technology, and Xingtu obviously has not kept up.Judging from the 2023 Xingtu Lingyun, it is equipped with two golden power systems, 300T (1.6T+7DCT) and 400T (2.0T+7DCT), of which the 2.0T engine claims to have a maximum horsepower of 261Ps and a maximum torque of 400N m.The liter power is 96kW/L, the liter torque is 200N m/L, and the maximum effective thermal efficiency is as high as 41%. This is called the "2.0T engine ceiling" by Starway Motors, which is a bit overconfident.

The SUV market of 150,000-200,000 has always been the fiercest battlefield for independent joint ventures, and major car companies have tried every means to get a piece of the "cake".Xingtu is no exception. Under the layout of the "big single product strategy", Huang Zhaogen regards the Xingtu Lingyun series as the most important volume model of the brand, and there is no problem in his thinking.The problem is that the principle of marketing is to promote strengths and avoid weaknesses, but Huang Zhaogen also uses the questionable power performance as the main marketing point of the 2023 Xingtu Lingyun. This kind of thinking is really puzzling.

Indeed, compared to Great Wall's Wei brand and Geely's Lynk & Co, consumers have lower awareness of Starway.Starway itself has also recognized this problem, and in order to increase the level of awareness, it has engaged in creative marketing.However, in order to compete for eyeballs, is such an "excessive" marketing pace really beneficial to the long-term development of the brand?

Sales data also confirms that Huang Zhaogen is not the firefighting captain of Xingtu. Since he took office, Xingtu has sold 3,542 vehicles in July and 5,543 vehicles in August, and there is still no counterattack.signs.Perhaps, the sample is too small, and the evaluation of Huang Zhaogen's marketing strategy is a bit harsh at this time, but from the perspective of its overall marketing idea, Huang Zhaogen has not brought fundamental innovation and changes in marketing to Xingtu.

This is the reminder from the industry and netizens: "Huang Zhaogen, don't play flashy routines in the marketing of Xingtu brand, and pass on Chery Auto's technical man of science and technology.We must do a good job of the product in a down-to-earth manner, especially the workmanship of the whole vehicle, the quality of spare parts and after-sales, and the marketing must also identify the brand and product positioning, and it must be worthy of the high-end positioning of Xingtu.” (Writing|Cars have wisdom)