On September 21, FAW-Hongqi's first MPV model, the Hongqi HQ9, was officially launched. This time, a total of 5 models were launched, with a market guide price of 358,800-538,800 yuan.As a domestic high-end MPV model, this new car has always been highly focused and has been repeatedly exposed by the media. Moreover, some netizens called it the "Red Flag Version of Alpha".So, what are the highlights of the new car?

To tell the truth, Hongqi HQ9 is even more atmospheric than Alphard in design. The front face adopts a straight waterfall air intake grille, which has a strong family design gene.Equipped with slender headlights, it is quite similar to the headlights on the Hongqi H9.The front face adds a chrome decorative strip and is equipped with a red flag LOGO, which is full of domineering.The waistline of the body runs through to the rear of the car, and the rear has a somewhat suspended style. The D-pillar adds a thick chrome trim, and is also equipped with a spoiler and through-type taillights, which are stylish and advanced.

Hongqi HQ9 is a "big guy" in body size, with a length, width and height of 5222/2005/1935mm and a wheelbase of 3200mm.Compared with Toyota Alpha, the length, width and height are 4975/1850/1945mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 3000mm.In contrast, the difference between the two models is clear at a glance. The wheelbase of the Hongqi HQ9 is 200mm longer than that of the Alphard, and the interior space is more spacious.

The whole series of the new car adopts a 7-seat layout in the form of 2+2+3. The second-row seats are also multi-functional independent seats, which support heating, ventilation, and high-end models. It also supports seat memory.And massage function, and, there is a leg rest function.There is also a small screen on the middle armrest of the seat, which can adjust various functions of the seat.In addition, the car is also equipped with side sliding doors, which is more convenient to get in and out of the car.

The interior space is not only spacious, but also textured and luxurious.The interior adopts double color matching, the center console is equipped with a 16.2-inch floating screen, and is also equipped with a car system, including navigation, voice, online entertainment and other functions. The new car also supports OTA upgrades, WIFI hotspots and other functions.

The power is also very expected. Hongqi HQ9 is equipped with a power combination of 2.0T engine + 48V mild hybrid system + 8AT gearbox. This system has more obvious fuel-saving performance. The new car WLTC comprehensive fuel consumptionOnly 8.8L, this data is still remarkable on MPV models.

So, with all that said, which model is more cost-effective to choose?The Hongqi HQ9 Zhilian Qixiang Edition is worth paying attention to. The price of this model is 438,800 yuan.But the configuration is very competitive. The new car is equipped with front and rear parking radar, 360-degree panoramic image, reversing side warning system, full-speed adaptive cruise, four driving modes, engine start-stop technology, braking energy recovery system, L2 levelIntelligent assisted driving system, non-openable panoramic sunroof, electric trunk position memory, etc., are equipped with high-end routes, and the price is still very moderate, which is 100,000 yuan lower than the top model.

Ghost truck view: Although the MPV market sales are not too high, the potential market space is very broad. After all, the huge second- and third-child groups will use more consideration.7-seater model.This has also led car brands to launch high-end MPV models one after another. Hongqi HQ9 is as luxurious as Alphard, but the price is almost half that of Alphard.Moreover, the new car has advantages in size, design and function.So, after seeing the new car, what do fans think? Leave a comment.