There are many car brands in China, and there are many car companies that manufacture new energy vehicles, but why has BYD become the leader of new energy vehicles in China?

The reason is that in addition to its high-quality, high-value and cost-effective advantages, BYD is also inseparable from its tireless pursuit of technology, R&D, and quality.At the same time, it really understands consumers and launches the brand concept of new energy vehicles suitable for different consumer groups in a timely manner. Of course, what is more intimate is its excellent service to consumers.

In order to have a deeper understanding of BYD, on September 22, a group of senior media from the provincial capital walked into the event site of "e up to explore the store · Taiyuan Station" in the Lan Yatai 4S store on Taiyuan Road.Immersive experience of Dynasty IP's "new national tide, higher-end, smarter" service scenarios.

The first thing that catches our eye when entering the store is a huge leaf vein. According to reports, this "leaf vein" not only implies the criss-crossing urban traffic network, but also uses leaves to symbolize green,The nature of environmental protection and nature coincides with byd's brand vision.

Through the introduction of the store staff, we know that the Daolan Yatai store covering an area of ​​more than 2,000 square meters is the largest BYD Dynasty 4S store in the province, including an exhibition hall of more than 600 square meters and an after-sales maintenance area.More than 800 square meters.The exhibition hall is divided into four parts: vehicle display area, water bar area, financial area and customer rest area.

The exhibition hall of more than 600 square meters can easily park 8 exhibition vehicles. Both sides of the exhibition vehicles are customer negotiation areas, which are usually separated by more than one meter.It not only protects the privacy of customers, but also ensures that customer communication does not interfere with each other.

And the water bar area, financial area, static reading, dynamic watching TV and listening to music in the customer rest area, etc., meet the needs of different users, and spend the waiting time relaxed and happytime.Make the whole car buying process no longer monotonous and cold, and add a bit of life out of thin air.

The more than 20 sales elites in the Yatai store have participated in the iron army training camp and store-side training organized by the manufacturer, creating more professional and confident sales consultants.

On the other hand, nearly 1,000 square meters of maintenance workshops, 20 lifts, paint booths, and shaping racks are readily available.It is also equipped with special testing equipment for new energy vehicles such as tire station, balancer, tire trimming machine four-wheel alignment, VDS battery detector, etc. It can be said that the maintenance testing equipment is "armed to the teeth", which can minimize the waiting time of customers.At the same time, users can obtain high-standard services from manufacturer certification.

After a morning of immersive experiences such as visits, test drives, and discussions, we can personally feel that BYD's store sales always adhere to the concept of service-oriented, and provide comprehensive and considerate services to everycustomers.It brings not only the improvement of brand reputation, but also the continuous increase of sales.

2022 is halfway through. Although the market environment is changing and customer needs are changing, BYD's pursuit of excellent service has never changed.