The cover news learned that on September 16, Hainan Province issued the "Special Measures for Hainan Province to Stabilize the Economy and Help Enterprises and Relief Development (Version 2.0)", which mentioned the need to relax the purchase restriction policy and vigorously stimulate automobile consumption. This is due to the impact of the epidemic.After Hainan Province, it is a powerful measure to promote the province's economic recovery and boost.

Special measures mentioned that from September to December 2022, Hainan Province will gradually relax restrictions on the purchase of passenger cars, activate the expired and unused indicators, and gradually increase the number of incremental indicators for ordinary passenger cars.

Specifically, the eligibility requirements for the incremental index of ordinary passenger cars will be relaxed in stages, and the restrictions on residence permits and driving licenses will be cancelled;Restrictions on lottery numbers; cancel the restriction that "if there are more than 3 registered passenger cars in this province under the individual's name, only 3 (inclusive) can obtain the updated indicator"; individuals who have registered new energy passenger cars but no ordinary passenger cars under their names canApply to participate in the lottery for the incremental index of ordinary passenger cars.

In addition, Hainan, as a province that advocates the consumption of new energy vehicles, has introduced a series of subsidies related to new energy vehicles.For example, the subsidy policy launched in July this year, including operating service subsidies, can apply for up to 30,000 yuan, and individuals can apply for up to 2,000 yuan for charging fees.

In fact, on May 31 this year, in order to promote automobile consumption and support the development of the automobile industry, the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation issued an announcement on the reduction of vehicle purchase tax for some passenger vehicles.The announcement shows that the 2.0-liter and below-displacement passenger cars whose purchase date is between June 1, 2022 and December 31, 2022 and whose bicycle price (excluding VAT) does not exceed 300,000 yuan will be halved.Vehicle purchase tax.

In the past year, the epidemic has been repeated in a special situation. Taking the Chengdu Auto Show as an example, the automobile consumption is facing huge challenges.How to further unleash the consumption potential, the cover news learned that all kinds of car buyers and sellers in Chengdu have successively issued promotional preferential policies to further respond to the challenges brought by the epidemic.It is reported that in response to the sudden suspension of the Chengdu Auto Show, most dealers in Chengdu have extended the auto show policy.In addition, some areas of Chengdu have promoted the prosperity of the automobile consumption market by issuing automobile consumption coupons.On July 15, Wuhou District has fully launched the 2022 Chengdu Automobile Consumption Season - Wuhou District Automobile Enjoyment Festival. The event will last for 3 months and will provide 30 million car purchase subsidies.

Cover reporter Zhang Fuchao

Image source: Hainan Provincial People's Government website