All the lights of the electric vehicle are off, and the corresponding indicator lights in the instrument may not be on, such as the turn indicator, the far and near beam indicators, etc. The horn does not sound, but it can be turned on normally.The reason is mainly the failure of the DC converter.

We know that the current electric vehicles are generally 48V or 60V, 72V and other voltage levels.In this case, if the meter lights and horns also use the same voltage, the voltage is too high and unsafe. We know that the safe withstand voltage of the human body is below 36V. Second, for example, lights, if the voltage is too high, it is easy to burn the bulb.Because the electric vehicle will also design a DC converter to step down the battery voltage to 12V output, which is used for instruments, lights, and speakers.

Two-wheeled vehicles are basically equipped with DC converters, but very few vehicles do not.Tricycles are basically not assembled, and very few cars have them.For two-wheeled vehicles, the DC converter is generally installed at the rear of the vehicle, and some are also installed at the front of the vehicle.

Therefore, once the DC converter fails, the above-mentioned devices cannot work because there is no power supply.In addition, if the car is designed to brake at a high level, when the DC converter fails and there is no voltage output, the brake power-off function is also invalid.

The price of DC converters is still very cheap. Generally, car repair shops will charge 30-40 yuan to replace a new converter.Some are external fuses. Pay attention to check the fuse. If only the fuse is burned, replace the fuse. If the fuse is not burned, measure whether there is voltage at the input terminal of the DC converter and the 12V output terminal. If the voltage at the input terminal is equal to the battery voltage, and the output terminal has no output or the voltage is lower than 10V, it can be judged that the DC converter is faulty, and it can be replaced with a new one.If there is no voltage at the input, check the relevant line until the cause is found and the fault is eliminated.

DC converters are generally three-wire, and some are four-wire or five-wire. Replacing DC converters is a common maintenance item, which can be easily solved by general car repair shops.

Remember to fix it with screws or wire ties during installation to prevent damage from bumps and vibrations.