My friends, the BMW X5 is going to withdraw from the Chinese market!But calm down, the imported X5 is the one to withdraw from the Chinese market, and the domestically-made BMW X5 is currently being bought casually.According to media reports, BMW China's official website recently showed that the imported BMW X5 models have been removed from the shelves, and only the domestic BMW X5 models are retained.

BMW China official customer service said in an interview: "All the BMW X5s currently on sale are domestic BMW X5s. If you need to buy an imported version, you can contact your local dealer to see if they have any cars in stock."

Some dealers said: Imported BMW X5 has been stopped for more than half a year.The domestic version was launched in March, and the imported version was discontinued.It has been a long time since I sold this car (imported X5), and there is no car source and no inventory.If you must buy the imported version, consider taking a look at the X6 or X7.

Then why did the import X5 have to be withdrawn?The reason is simple: the domestic version sells so well that no one buys the more expensive imported version.

Data from the China Passenger Car Association shows that the domestic BMW X5 experienced a big sales explosion in August, with a total of 8,139 units sold!You must know that this is a luxury SUV with a starting price of more than 600,000.

In April this year, the domestic BMW X5L was officially launched. It launched a total of four models with a price range of 605,000-775,000 yuan. Compared with the imported version, the starting price is nearly 100,000 yuan cheaper.

According to BMW's official news, starting from the production month of September, the domestic BMW X5 will cancel the smart touch key, and the price of some models involved will be reduced by 3,000 yuan, and the price will be adjusted to 605,000-772,000 yuan.

Due to the lower price and larger size, consumers are more willing to spend money to support the domestic X5 than the imported version, so it is logical to stop selling the imported version.