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The 2023 CS85COUPE tells you how the coupe SUV can live out a new attitude

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现如今,互联网、人工智能、The emergence of new things such as blockchain,It is also constantly changing the way people think,在这个瞬息万变的时代,Opportunities and challenges are highly integrated,Our lives are also full of great uncertainty.对于汽车产业来说,How to find new excitement in the already saturated and fatigued market has also become a top priority.

其实,A car is a very special industrial product.Because it is too close to people's lives,Therefore, it is necessary to use rigorous technical processes to ensure its reliability in daily use,At the same time, it must keep up with the aesthetic trend of the times in terms of styling.Even in the past decade, China's auto market has grown rapidlySUVAlso think about the same question:怎样的SUVProducts can once again stimulate Chinese consumers?

或许,The just-launched Changan Automobile2023款CS85COUPEcan give us the answer.

The coupe style breaks through the ordinary attitude

不可否认,China's auto market is in a period of pain,The problem of product homogeneity is also hinderingSUVThe market continues to move forward,How to make a breakthrough in the market segment with a new attitude is imperative.因此在9月19日,2023款CS85COUPE正式上市,官方指导价为11.99万元至16.49万元.新车在外观内饰、动力及智能配置方面再次得到了全方位的升级.

I am used to seeing the same hardcore in the marketSUV之后,2023款CS85COUPEIt is undoubtedly groundbreaking in terms of design.Streamer slip-back design from the dome,To the domineering front face with star diamond headlights,既保留了SUVThe car's innate sense of power,It presents the luxurious beauty of a coupe.

首先在外观方面,2023款CS85COUPE继承了“御岳”前脸特征,The large area blackening process emphasizes the surface tension,The use of carbon fiber texture is more quality.The grille shape combined with the three-dimensional cell and the horizontal strip design has a more design sense,红色的SThe logo and the red decorations on the left and right sides of the bottom echo to highlight the sportiness.

Intelligent air intake grille equipped on some models,It can also reduce the driving drag coefficient3.5%,优化整车油耗,改善冷启动,减少热量损失,更能防止外界飞溅物/脏污侵入,保护发动机机舱(冷却模块),This results in a better driving experience.

Sideways looks unquestionably2023款CS85COUPESexiest angle,Smooth and natural“溜背”轮廓,Highlight its coupeSUV的身份.The double waistline design has now become a familial feature of Changan,而2023款CS85COUPEAfter further optimization,It adds a bit of rhythm to the dynamic.

值得一提的是,如此“溜背”Design also makes this coupeSUVThe wind resistance coefficient of the whole vehicle is close0.3,比传统SUV降低约20%,Reduce high-speed driving resistance,Greatly improve the vehicle economy,90-120Km/hConstant speed fuel consumption is relatively traditionalSUV可降低0.6-1L.

The so-called coupeSUVIt is by no means simply copying the rear of a sports car.As a beautiful car,2023款CS85COUPE的“溜背”设计从BThe column extends to the tail,And integrates naturally with the trunk,Looks like it's done in one go,It also makes the proportion of the whole vehicle completely natural.

同时,The rear of the vehicle is exaggerated,Rear surround details are blackened,扰流造型、The use of mesh design and carbon fiber texture enhances the quality of detail,The designers of Changan Automobile also used a sharp chrome trim as decoration,It further increases the three-dimensional layering of the tail.再配以跑车式雾灯造型、Bilateral double-out oval tail row,As well as two-tone wheels and black carbon fiber mirrors,The sense of movement created is self-evident.

Extraordinary driving fun to release surging passion

Of course, good design is more than just having a good-looking pair“皮囊”,The interior design and quality of the vehicle are also very important,And both internal and external corrections are2023款CS85COUPE对用户的承诺,also dare“Live a new attitude”important foundation.

2023款CS85COUPEIt adopts an interstellar encircling cockpit design,红黑双色搭配、Double genuine stitching accents、大面积软性材质包覆,All make the car feel dynamic、Elegance and superlative luxury.此外,CS85Collection-exclusive delicate embroidery,It also brings elegance and taste to the extreme.

12.3inch high-definition LCD screen and10.25inch LCD gauges too2023款CS85COUPE的标准配置,Both large screens are equipped with three theme mode screens,可任意切换,Meet the needs of individualized choices of different groups of people.不仅如此,The display screen and the instrument also support the dual-screen linkage function,科技感十足.

配置方面,The new car also inherits the inherent advantages of Changan Automobile's entry-level top configuration.have full time4G网络、全时在线导航、Online scene voice control、OTA在线升级、远程启动、胎压监测、无钥匙进入/Startup and other rich practical configuration.And the technical configuration has also been enhanced.

其中,It is equipped with the Indus car coupletTINNOVE进阶版,It is equipped with sycamore2.0R生态系统,采用全新的交互方案,生态功能丰富可迭代,深度整合“腾讯车联TAI”的核心能力.on a whole new generation of hardware platforms and adoptionMTK8666芯片、安卓9.0系统的加持下,运算能力可达63K,Even if multiple applications are running at the same time, there will be no lag.

并且,The system also introduces a large amount of Tencent's advantageous content ecology,如QQ音乐、喜马拉雅电台,还包括王者荣耀等热门IP资源.With full voice control WeChat and intelligent welcome interaction and other functions,让2023款CS85COUPEThe practicality and playability have been further improved.

Compared with the rich intelligent configuration,For consumers looking for performance,2023款CS85COUPE搭载的1.5T和2.0T蓝鲸动力组合,Not only has more outstanding dynamic performance,A variety of assisted intelligent driving configurations are available for daily travel“保驾护航”.


蓝鲸动力独创的“AGILE敏捷”空气导流式高效超净燃烧系统,在全面满足国6B排放的基础上,除了拥有138kW的最大功率外,还进一步提升了燃油经济性.静音附件皮带系统、静音链条、双质量飞轮的加入,It also allows this engine to achieve a library-level quietness level at idle.

而搭载蓝鲸2.0T+爱信8AT动力组合的车型,则拥有171kW的最大功率,和360N•m峰值扭矩,It has obvious advantages in the independent brand camp.值得一提的是,长安CS85The series is also the first to carry Aisin8ATDomestic models with gearboxes.相比其他同级竞品普遍采用的DCT或CVTThe transmission system of the gearbox,可靠稳定性更高、换挡响应也更加平顺迅速.

在辅助驾驶系统方面,2023款CS85COUPE的表现同样不会让人失望.包括IACC集成式自适应巡航、LCDA并线辅助、APA4.0Valet parking, etc. are all reflected.此外,由四颗100万像素180°鱼眼摄像头组成的高清540°全景影像不仅能实现3D显示、Smart opening and other functions,更能够显示透明车身,全方位立体显示路面情况,最大可能消除视野盲区.


综上所述,2023款CS85COUPE的上市,Not only let Changan AutomobileSUVThe layout of product lines is more enriched and refined,At the same time as a Chinese coupeSUV的先行者,Slightly dull at the momentSUV细分市场中,Break the traditional pattern with a new gesture that is not bound by tradition,While providing new options for more young users,It will also be responsible for its promotion to Chang'anCSThe responsibility of the family's product image.

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