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Big ye high speed on electric wheelchair, also want to go to fast track?Net friend: to old age

2022-09-23 09:22:44new car journal

The achievements of new energy development are not only reflected in automobiles,Even less relevant medical devices,also enjoyed the associated results.


“ghost fire old age”Electric wheelchair on high speed

9月19日,A netizen in Wuxi, Jiangsu captured a magical scene on high speed.The video shows a man in an electric wheelchair“行驶”在高速公路上.Estimated according to the video,Video vehicle speed may be in40km/h左右,And the speed of electric wheelchair is at least 20至30km/h.


The old man in the wheelchair is still there“开车”,Look to the left to see the road,Looks like he's about to change lanes,The whole process seemed very calm,Sounds like an old driver.And netizens called him a bitch“ghost fire old age”.


Electric wheelchairs are also modified

按照国家标准,An electric wheelchair driven by the elderly,Can be divided into indoor type、Outdoor type and road type.According to national mandatory requirements,The maximum speed of the indoor electric wheelchair shall not be exceeded4.5Km/h,Outdoor powered wheelchairs must not exceed6Km/h,The maximum speed of road-type electric wheelchairs is limited15Km/h.15Km/hThe speed of a kilometer is equivalent to riding a bicycle,But judging from the video, the electric wheelchair must be higher than this speed limit.



实际上,Many people who buy electric wheelchairs are not unable to walk,Some of them just want to use them as transportation,Used for travel.对于这部分人来说,The speed of the electric wheelchair is too slow.所以,Some wheelchair dealers offer a wide variety“Personalized modification and acceleration program”.




We scrambled online to find a web page for an electric wheelchair dealer,You can see all kinds of electric wheelchair modification parts sold in the store,from high-speed tires、轴承、大容量电池、大功率电机、Controller, etc. are readily available,It can be said that Chen Tian of the electric wheelchair class.Wheelchair performance can skyrocket for a few dollars,对于“Ghostly old people”还是很有吸引力的.


There is still a gray area in the division of the right of way for electric wheelchairs



When the disabled motorized wheelchair is driving in the non-motorized lane,最高时速不得超过十五公里;



But in the regulations,It is not clear whether non-disabled driving electric wheelchairs belong to the category of non-motor vehicles.It can be seen that there are gray areas in the regulations,Continue to clarify.不过可以肯定,The theoretical upper limit of electric wheelchairs can only be counted as non-motorized vehicles,Drive on non-motorized lanes at most,It is absolutely not allowed on the motorway.


但是现实中,Many seniors figure it out for convenience,Often drive electric wheelchairs on motor vehicle lanes,一旦发生交通事故,Not only are there no protective measures,At the same time, it is also jointly responsible for the other party.



2021年,一位91Aged elderly man sitting in an electric wheelchair“行驶”在隧道中,Injured and injured when struck by an oncoming motor vehicle.驾驶员表示,Due to the strong light at the entrance of the tunnel, he could not see the old man clearly,It was too late to find out.There should be no wheelchair elderly people in the tunnels where vehicles travel,But even so, the driver of the accident must bear a certain degree of compensation.


However, many elderly people are getting old,思路并不清晰、表达能力有限,They don't obey traffic laws and regulations.There are even a few elderly people among them,Not only infirm but also afraid of administrative punishment,also cannot be detained,Any credit penalties won't affect them much,Even the traffic police can only be helpless.



2035年我国60岁以上人口将突破4亿,The elderly will travel more and more frequently in the future.For electric wheelchairs、Low-speed electric vehicles like Laotou Le need to introduce regulations as soon as possible.


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