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30.99-469900 yuan, was netizen's worth xiao peng G9, where are you?

2022-09-23 09:23:26wheel reel

Xpeng G9 was officially launched recently, priced at 309,900-469,900 yuan. For a medium and large SUV model, the price of Xiaopeng G9 looks likeIt doesn't seem outrageous either.Downward, the Xiaopeng G9 can seize potential users of the ideal car. Upward, the price of the Xiaopeng G9 also overlaps with the NIO ES7.But after the listing of Xiaopeng G9, many netizens expressed their dissatisfaction and complained that the Xiaopeng car was floating.Let's take a look today, is this medium and large SUV priced from 309,900 yuan expensive?

Tell me briefly about the product power of Xiaopeng G9.Although many netizens have criticized the name of Xiaopeng Motors, thinking that it is difficult to be elegant, the design of Xiaopeng Motors is still online.A medium-to-large SUV with a size of "close to 5 meters", the Xiaopeng G9 does not look bloated at all, and even has a hint of fashion and dynamism.Of course, there are also many netizens who cannot accept the design of Xiaopeng G9, which is a matter of opinion.The body size is 4891*1937*1680mm, and the wheelbase reaches 2998mm. The size data is excellent, but due to the design bias, the interior space is not ideal.

Intelligent and autonomous driving has always been the value pursuit of Xiaopeng Motors. High-end models have 2 lidars, 5 millimeter-wave radars, and 12 ultrasonic radars., 11 cameras, more than 30 assisted driving hardware in the whole car, and the computing power of Xiaopeng G9 reaches 508TOPS. With the blessing of hardware, the automatic driving ability of Xiaopeng G9 is remarkable.10.25-inch full LCD instrument + dual 14.96-inch 2K screen, three screens ensure the playability of Xiaopeng G9.

According to the book, such a medium and large SUV model can be sold for 309,900 yuan, which is reasonable.But in fact, there are routines in the configuration differentiation of Xiaopeng G9.Looking closely at the configuration list of Xiaopeng G9, we seem to be able to kick the beggar version out of the family list.The XPILOT assisted driving system that Xiaopeng Motors is proud of, the 570G model does not have at all. It is only equipped with 1 camera and 8 ultrasonic radars. It is only suitable for daily driving and cannot be regarded as intelligent.Active safety features such as lane departure warning, lane keeping system, active braking, etc. are not involved in the 570G model.

The above configuration, 309,900 yuan 570G model is not even eligible for optional equipment.If you feel that the power of the single-motor version is not enough, then the dual-motor version will directly enter the 400,000 yuan level. If you want to buy a low-end version, Xiaopeng Motors does not seem to give a chance.

Achieving precise harvesting through configuration differentiation has always been the forte of joint venture cars, but now Xpeng Motors has also learned the essence of joint venture cars.Compared with the time when the Xpeng P7 was launched, Xpeng Motors no longer has so much pressure to survive. How to obtain more profits and how to improve the brand height has become the top priority of Xpeng Motors.

In addition, Xpeng Motors had frequent accidents recently. A Xpeng car spontaneously ignited on the side of the road, which caused heated discussions among netizens.Don't forget the original intention, Fang De has always been, instead of using your brain in irrelevant places, Xiaopeng Motors should build a good car down-to-earth, what do you think?

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