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With looks, products and sincerity, can Ruicheng PLUS become the next "popular model" of Changan Automobile?

2022-09-23 09:23:34Auto Express

In order to meet the needs of the market and consumers and improve the market competitiveness of product models, the introduction of new models is nothing new.A lot of energy will be devoted to this aspect, and the purpose is to seize more market share, expand the brand's popularity and the market share of models. After all, sales are the driving force and foundation for all car companies to continue to develop.Enterprises will not be indifferent in the face of sales.

The positive momentum of domestic brands including BYD, Geely Automobile and Great Wall Motors in recent years has made many joint venture competitors feel the greaterPressure, of course, Changan Automobile is also one of the mainstays, especially its CS family series products, which have a lot of say in the market segment to which they belong. Although the sedan field is a bit weak, there are also Eado series in the

The "Ruicheng", which used to be responsible for Changan Automobile's high-ranking models in the sedan field, has a weaker voice in the market than the Eado series. Basically, it isDispensable existence, however, the car's market fighting spirit has not disappeared, although the results of efforts are not too ideal.After many times of renaming and refurbishment, it is now named Ruicheng PLUS and has appeared in everyone's field of vision.

From Ruicheng to Ruicheng CC to Ruicheng PLUS, in the baptism of the car market, the market performance of this car has also experienced ups and downs, and now it isAfter being named Ruicheng PLUS, the new car can basically be said to be reborn from the inside out. Nominally, the market positioning is a compact car. In a strict sense, the Ruicheng PLUS with a 4800mm length and a 2770mm wheelbase should beIt is an A+ class car, and its competitors should be models such as Sagitar, Lingdu L, Geely Xingrui and BYD Qin PLUS series.

At present, Ruicheng PLUS has not been launched, but the new car has been unveiled at this year's Chengdu Auto Show. The design of the front face is basically the same as that of the UNI series.There are also some differences. The dot-matrix front grille with big mouth and borderless has a good sense of recognition, tension and aesthetics. The fast-back roof shape also highlights a sporty atmosphere. The body lines are beautiful and smooth and have a sharp sense., the appearance is really quite commendable.

Ruicheng PLUS with two-way exhaust, the interior also has a good sense of texture and aesthetics, flat-bottomed multi-function steering wheel, large-size dualThe combined screen, electronic shift lever, hollow center console, etc., not only highlight the practicality, but also show the sense of technology.The configuration will be differentiated according to the price, and the parallel assist, lane departure warning, parking radar, reversing image and electric sunroof, etc., will be reflected on the models of different prices.

In terms of power, Ruicheng PLUS is equipped with a 1.5T+7DCT power combination. The engine can reach a maximum of 188 horsepower and 300Nm torque. The comprehensive fuel consumption per 100 kilometers of WLTC is6.44L.The suspension adopts the front MacPherson independent suspension + rear multi-link independent suspension.As a means of transportation in daily life, the power combination of Ruicheng PLUS is really enough, and the fuel economy of the car is also good.

From the perspective of the overall product strength of Ruicheng PLUS, it is also remarkable compared to its competitors, but it has not achieved outstanding results.On the other hand, in the fierce market competition, Lingdu L, Sagitar and Geely Xingrui are all powerful models with monthly sales of over 10,000. Recently, Arrizo 8, which has been highly praised on the Internet, will also be launched this month. Therefore,The market pressure faced by Ruicheng PLUS will not be small, although the product power of new cars is also very high.

You must know that the changes in the consumption environment and the rise of new energy vehicles, the BYD Qin family, including the Qin PLUS series, have suppressed a lot ofThe popularity of A-class sedans has become the new sales leader of domestic sedans. It is launching a strong impact on joint venture competitors such as Lavida and Corolla. After the launch of Ruicheng PLUS and participation in the market competition, it is inevitable to face it directly.

We will wait and see whether Ruicheng PLUS, with its "dark horse" product power in the auto market, can become a spoiler in the A-class sedan market segment.

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