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Two-way empowerment to help local economic development

2022-09-23 09:23:43Oriental information car

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Two-way empowerment to help local economic development

——Interview with Shan Junbao, President of CICC Capital Operation Co., Ltd.

□Reporter Hu Shutong

"In the past, we talked about Japanese cars, American cars, and German cars. Today, there is a new term - Chinese cars. This is not only synonymous with cost performance, but also a name rich in technology." SeptemberOn the 22nd, at the first innovation investment conference in Henan, Shan Junbao, president of CICC Capital Operation Co., Ltd., said.

“Looking back at the history of industrial development for a long period of time in the past, we found that the history of industrial development is actually the development history of major technological invention breakthroughs.” Shan Junbao said that since this year, CICC Capital has highlighted three key pointsWords and five major tracks as investment directions.The three keywords are cutting-edge, green, and digital; the five major tracks are innovative drugs, semiconductor chips, carbon neutrality, corporate services, and new consumption.At present, China is in a leading position in the field of new energy.CICC Capital has made a layout in the whole industry chain of new energy vehicles.

With the diversified development of market demand, investment management institutions should not only invest well, but also combine investment with service, investment and empowerment.CICC Capital took the lead in proposing two-way empowerment, namely “upward” empowerment and “downward” empowerment."Upward" empowerment is to provide services for those who provide you with funds; "downward" empowerment is to provide investee companies with financial empowerment, business empowerment, intellectual resource empowerment, and government resource empowerment.

When talking about how capital can empower the regional economy, Shan Junbao said that in the future, CICC Capital will strengthen cooperation with all parts of Henan, and focus on local industrial strategies to set up funds to serve local regionalization to help local economic development.

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