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"Pure Electric First Class" Roewe imax8ev, a good helper for family travel!

2022-09-23 10:02:22Oriental information car

Under the background that three generations living in the same house and traveling with multiple children have become the norm, major auto manufacturers are targeting MPVs, especially the market segment of household MPVs.It can be said that the comprehensive liberalization of the two-child policy has injected a booster into the household MPV market. Coupled with the diversified needs and consumption upgrades of domestic consumers, the spring of the MPV market seems to be getting closer.Therefore, you can see that there are more and more high-quality domestic MPVs emerging recently, and the recently launched "pure electric first class" Roewe iMAX8EV (parameters丨picture) is one of them.

First of all, in terms of space comfort, as a medium-to-large pure electric MPV, the length*width*height of the Roewe iMAX8EV are 5016*1909*1796mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 3000mm, which is enough to create a spacious and comfortable interior space, and adopts a 7-seat design layout of 2+2+3. All three rows of seats can slide forward and backward, which ensures a high enough interior space flexibility and easily holds the space requirements of large families.

Secondly, in terms of riding experience, all Roewe iMAX8EV series are equipped with S-Nappa leather seats as standard, which perfectly fit the user's body curve and have a soft and delicate touch, bringing the family an extremely comfortable travel experience.The second row of airline seats has a full range of functions such as heating and ventilation massage, which can relieve the fatigue of travel.And the third row space is also very good, with ample head and legroom.

In addition, the Roewe iMAX8EV has a CLTC battery life of up to 570km, and a fast charging speed of 30% to 80% of the power in 30 minutes."The five-layer protection mechanism innovatively solves the problem of "thermal runaway" of the battery, providing a travel experience with zero anxiety and a full sense of security for large family users.

It is not difficult to see that the first-class passenger space, the stylish interior and the ultra-high safety are the advantages of the Roewe iMAX8EV.Moreover, its price of 259,800-359,800 yuan is relatively close to the people. In addition, it can cope with demand scenarios such as holiday play, daily commuting, or picking up children.Such a "pure electric first class" MPV is a good helper for family travel!

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