I also adore Musk, he is my idol, why adore him?Musk’s achievements today are obvious to all. Needless to say, I adore Musk because of his indomitable spirit of exploration, and Musk’s way of thinking and doing things is so different that he is like a god.

Musk's first-principles thinking is the foundation of Musk's success. First-principles thinking is to return to the essence of things, use the Internet and digital technology to reorganize the development elements and value chains of things, and create newindustry chain and distribution of benefits.Think about it, everyone, from Tesla to spaceX, is this way of thinking that makes Musk independent and successful again and again!

Musk says it's the stupidest human act to make a bunch of stuff and wait for people to buy it.All Tesla’s sales are based on the consumption-customized production model. All Tesla cars have not been produced yet, so we will know who the consumers are. In the future, all products will be produced according to the consumption-customized production model, that is, order-based sales.This is the most scientific and reasonable way of production.

Musk is a scientist, entrepreneur and engineer in the digital age. He has been exploring the future world. I believe that Musk will lead mankind into the age of intelligence.Musk is also fighting against greedy speculative capital. I most appreciate that capitalists dislike Musk but have nothing to do with Musk. Musk has been slapped in the face by Musk’s success again and again. Musk is the person who leads the world.One of the greatest entrepreneurs on the planet.

My ideal is to follow Musk to settle on Mars in the future, and then be buried on Mars. Thanks to this era, I can be born in the same era as Musk and watch miracles happen one after another!