There is a lot of news about the Xpeng g9 on the Internet. It can be said that this car made a lot of gimmicks before it was launched. As an SUV model under Xpeng, the Xpeng g9 is not only an off-road model, but its chargingSpeed ​​will become the biggest killer of Xiaopeng g9. Xiaopeng g9 is known as the world's fastest charging production car. It is this gimmick that makes Xiaopeng g9 receive such a wide range of attention before its launch.

Let's talk about Xiaopeng, a manufacturer that has emerged in the past 2021. Xiaopeng Motors has surpassed the new energy big brother Weilai Automobile and Lili Automobile in sales. Like these two manufacturers, Xiaopeng Motors is also a new tram factory.One of them, but Xiaopeng's line is obviously more correct. He has gradually developed from inconspicuous to the number one in sales of the same type of company. There is naturally his reason for this. As the brand new flagship SUV launched by its manufacturer, Xiaopeng g9 is worth looking forward to.There are indeed many places.

Xpeng g9 was born to some extent to make up for the lack of SUVs under the brand. After all, NIO and Ideal are both SUV models. Xiaopeng avoided direct confrontation from the beginning and chose to be more conservativeThe sedan model with higher acceptance, but now Xiaopeng with mature technology obviously wants to re-occupy the market vacancy through the Xiaopeng g9.

The design of the Xiaopeng g9 is not very novel in terms of appearance. It continues the family design language of Xiaopeng Motors. Of course, the Xiaopeng g9 is still full in terms of technology, and the Xiaopeng g9 adopts a 2998mm wheelbase in terms of space.It is a standard five-seat SUV layout. It is not the largest in its class, but it is definitely stress-free for daily use at home.It is worth mentioning that the interior of Xiaopeng g9 is updated this time. The new flagship of the interior is almost completely new. The method of leather half-package reflects a certain retro temperament. At the same time, in the co-pilot and central control areas, Xiaopeng g9 is stillwith full force!It is equipped with a combined large screen of nearly 30 inches and a 10.5-inch LCD instrument panel. This interior configuration makes the driver feel like he is in a future car.

But the most outstanding thing is the hardware of Xiaopeng g9. The xpower3.0 on the vehicle is the first in China based on the 800v high-voltage platform.Xpeng G9 is also the only mass-produced car equipped with this platform. In charging mode, Xpeng G9 can achieve an exaggerated performance of 200 kilometers of battery life in 5 minutes, which is also the world's best fast-charging battery life data.

In terms of power composition, the Xiaopeng g9 still performs at a high level. The new car will launch two versions. The first is the four-wheel drive version with a maximum power of 405 kW and a maximum torque of 717 Nm. This power performance ranks among the top three in the same class.At the slightest problem, the battery life of this set of power is also very good. The pure electric battery life has reached 702km. Of course, the official results have not been accurate. All riders can just wait and see, but it is conservatively estimated that the battery life can reach 650km, which is not the best.Good but not bad.

Xpeng g9's new car price is actually not high. The starting price is 280,000 yuan. Most of the previous predictions for this configuration were at the starting level of 300,000 yuan. However, Xiaopeng g9 is obviously sincere, and based on all the informationLook, Xiaopeng g9 will indeed become the vanguard of Xiaopeng Motors to seize the new energy SUV market. If Xiaopeng g9 can achieve good reputation and sales, then Weilai and the ideal market will be further compressed.