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Fox's 21-day experience

2022-09-23 10:02:51Oriental information car

It's been 21 days since I picked up the car, so please write about your feelings. If there is something wrong, I hope you can give me more advice. After all, I am not a professional car reviewer. I have been working for half a year after graduation from college, and I am sponsored by my family.Next, I got the 2022 Focus.

First of all, in terms of appearance, let's put a few pictures below, let's see for yourself, I think the appearance is indeed quite high.As advertised by Fox, there is nothing to say about the handling. I pulled it out and ran a few times. I am full of confidence in cornering, and I am satisfied with the power. I can only say that I am satisfied.It is incomparable, in general it is unsatisfactory, and the braking effect is also good.It is easy to overtake a car on the daily road.

There is no air outlet for the air conditioner in the back row, but the cooling effect of the air conditioner is OK. My friend said that it is very cool to sit in the back row.I don’t know if it’s because of the weather on my side or what the reason is, but I remember that the wheels felt very hot after running down the mountain.Then there is the fuel consumption issue that everyone is concerned about. I don't drive for a long time, so the fuel consumption can only be used as a reference. Also, I prefer to oil the floor, hahahaha, and the urban area here is very congested, maybeEven more inaccurate, the current fuel consumption is 13.5.

Dissatisfaction: At present, there is nothing particularly dissatisfying. It has all the functions that should be there. Now I can drive it enough. Space: I only took the driver's seat when I bought it. Hahahahahaha, the driver's seatThe space is quite large. I don’t know the back row. I work in a field by myself, and I usually just sit with a good friend to play. The space is enough for me.To sum up: the car is ok, I am quite satisfied with it. If you want to get started but have something you don’t understand, you can ask me. If you know it, you must answer it.

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