Xingyue L Thor Hybrid Edition adopts the design concept of science and technology originating from nature, pure and simple, time travel front face, floating array grille, streamer breathing logo, etc.The designs are all using technology to interpret the beauty of new energy. The headlights of the regression line and the tidal taillights echo each other before and after, making them dazzling no matter the day or night. At the same time, Geely has also launched a new digital logo design for the Xingyue L Thor Hybrid Edition.

The body color is also quite particular, especially this morning dew white paint.The sky is white, the morning dew is a prophet, it reflects the blue of the new sun, and the original heart is seen. The color of the morning dew is used as the color of the car, which is translucent and flawless.

The interior adopts two design styles. The vitality blue double-split interior adopts a new blue and white color matching, creating a pure cabin atmosphere, so that the driver and passengers can feel comfortable even when sitting in the car.Feel the energy of nature; the starry gray eco-friendly suede double interior uses a quiet gray with eco-friendly suede, which makes you feel like being surrounded by the entire starry sky when you are in the car.

The nearly 1-meter-long IMAX triple screen spans the center console, bringing a sense of immersion like a giant screen, and the car system also brings new surprises, not only equipped with Galaxy OS ThorThe Hybrid Special Edition will also launch Geely Galaxy OS 1.3 on the entire network. In addition to the unique highlights of the Galaxy OS Thor Hybrid Edition, 64 smart scene functions have been upgraded, and 78 smart scene experiences have been optimized, which will bring users to theA more technological and smarter travel experience.

The core of the Xingyue L Thor Hybrid Edition is naturally the Raytheon Hybrid Technology. The world's first 3-speed hybrid electric transmission DHT Pro is the power that can independently participate in electric drive.The drive device can realize the powerful functions of pure motor drive, oil-electric hybrid drive, intelligent power generation, intelligent energy distribution and 3-speed speed increase and torque increase. It is matched with the DHE15 hybrid special engine, which adopts high-pressure direct injection and supercharged medium.The four advanced technologies of cold, Miller cycle and low pressure EGR redefine the standard of hybrid engines, and also have the highest thermal efficiency record of 43.32% of the world's mass-produced hybrid engines certified by the authoritative organization "Energy Efficiency Star".

From the data point of view, the comprehensive system power of the Xingyue L Thor hybrid version is 180 kW, the comprehensive system torque is 540 Nm, and the 100-kilometer acceleration can be completed in 7.9 seconds.The average fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is as low as 4.3 liters, and the measured maximum cruising range of a tank of fuel is 1426.1 kilometers, which is quite good.

At the same time, the NVH performance of the Xingyue L Thor hybrid version is also very good. Through 148 key NVH technology optimizations, the sound pressure level in the car at a speed of 30 kilometers per hour is as low as 58 decibels., 14 decibels better than competing models, and 5 decibels better than competing models at speeds below 60 kilometers per hour. It has done a good job in suppressing wind noise and tire noise.

Xingyue L Thor Hybrid Edition is the first blockbuster model of Geely Automobile's comprehensive electrification and transformation into the new energy era. Geely also hopes to become thePioneers of innovative thinking, break away from tradition, create new species with new thinking, play new products with new thinking, open up new situations with new thinking, and establish Geely's leading position in hybrid new energy.