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Resolutely give up the Jimny, the interior technology is strengthened

2022-09-23 10:03:23Oriental Information Automobile

Compared to MPV, hardcore off-road is also a subdivision field, but it has greater potential, has SUV space, is more hardcore in driving experience, and has a domineering and sharp body, which meets the needs of young car owners. As long as it is cheap enough to complete, it can become aThe mainstream also sees this, and the domestic off-road shows an explosive trend.Looking at the old off-road vehicles, they are either as old and not updated as pickups, such as Jimny and Nissan, or they are too expensive, such as the Lu Xun and the Big G. It is a pity that the Isuzu "Iron King Kong" is a relic of the sea.

This car is very avant-garde in design, with two-tone paint and sharp styling, it is not only recognizable when walking on the street, but also attracts everyone's arrogance. Ask friends on the side what this handsome car is.In addition to the individual positioning, the car's 2.27-meter wheelbase is much better than the aggressive Jimny. The front face is designed with a small mouth grille and frog-eye headlights.Under the blessing of the car body, it is very avant-garde, and the fusion of fashion and hard style is very clever, reflecting the superb design skills.

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