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The medium configuration comes with HUD and 540-degree panoramic images, and the surprises of Ruicheng PLUS are far more than these!

2022-11-24 19:29:17Dear Auto

To have an easy life,Cultivating a calm and indifferent heart is certainly a higher state,But it's also essential to add color to your life by picking something comforting for yourself,For example, pick a car that can make people comfortable.


01,Make users impeccable where they can see


A car that can be truly comforting,在我看来,It must be done so that users can understand the design of this car、配置、驾控、安全、Everything about price“impeccable、无顾虑、无压力”,而长安锐程PLUSIt is such a choice.


“哇,太好看了吧!This is really our domestic car?” Before I put Changan RuichengPLUSSend a photo to a friend,Friends gave such reactions and exclamations,我一点也不觉得意外,Because of Changan RuichengPLUS的设计,在我看来,It has indeed surpassed the level of competing products at the same level.

锐程PLUSThe front face design is recognizable,It takes elements from Chinese architecture“窗棂”中汲取灵感,Let the gradient dot matrix front air intake grille appear radiant in the change of light and shadow,The whole vehicle looks elegant and smart without losing the sense of technology.I believe everyone sees RuichengPLUS的第一眼,Everyone will be amazed by this front face design.


Go to the back of the car,The designer is in RuichengPLUS长达4.8米的车身上,Added a three-dimensional double waistline design,with a smooth roofline、贯穿式LEDTail light junction connection,Together for the sharp processPLUSCreate a more slender、和谐的车身比例.

Expose yourself to sharpnessPLUS之中,The simple and elegant design style outside the car is also extended inside the car——Wraparound cabin、12.3Inch integrated floating high-definition dual screen、Yacht-style electronic gear lever、Diamond Seat Stitching、Openable panoramic sunroof and other designs,Let the luxurious texture of the entire cabin be filled instantly.


For RuichengPLUSBringing a sense of quality,除了造型设计,Of course, the configuration is indispensableBuff加成.除最低配车型外,其他车型均配备360度全景影像、透明底盘、64色氛围灯、外后视镜锁车折叠、后排出风口等.


最近,锐程PLUSAn automatic Lingyue model has also been added,指导价为11.39万元的中配车型,That is equipped18英寸轮圈、ACC自适应巡航、540度全景影像、前排座椅加热、通风和AR-HUD抬头显示等功能,性价比极高!


而在顶配车型上,锐程PLUSNot only is it equipped with a built-in driving recorder、前排电动座椅、前排座椅加热、自适应远近光灯等功能,还搭载了AR-HUD抬头显示器、面部识别、Lip recognition three major“黑科技”配置,用车体验进一步提升.




Relying on the eye-catching styling design and leapfrog rich in-vehicle configuration,让锐程PLUSMake consumers impeccable in places that are visible to the naked eye.


02,The power output is comparable2.0T,Provide leapfrog all-round security


在消费者看不见的地方——比如动力、安全方面,锐程PLUSDo the same to make people feel comfortable、安心.

锐程PLUS搭载的蓝鲸新一代NE1.5T高压直喷发动机,发动机额定功率138kW,最大功率达133kW,峰值扭矩300N·m,On paper, it is already better than some joint venture benchmark models of the same level,Then match with the new generation of Blue Whale7速湿式双离合变速器,综合传递效率高达96%,The power output can bring a more powerful driving experience.


更值得一提的是,Even sharpPLUSIt is already a veritable machineA+级轿车,Power delivery is also comparable in parts2.0T发动机,But its as low as 6.44L的WLTC百公里油耗,Still maintained at a standardA级车的级别,It has two advantages of strong power and low fuel consumption.

对于一台家用车而言,做到“好开”Not yet full marks,安全也非常重要.因此,在安全性能上,锐程PLUSWe also do our best to escort users every time they travel.


In addition to the standard high-strength energy-absorbing body of the whole series and the whole car up to6安全气囊之外,Equipped with Ruicheng at the topPLUS上,还配备了一套L2级别的驾驶辅助系统,该系统包括了IACC集成式自适应巡航、并线辅助、车道偏离预警、车道保持、车道居中、主动刹车、Road traffic signs recognize multiple functions.


此外,Such as the reverse side warning system、Functions such as the door opening warning system are in RuichengPLUSare also equipped.With this series master、被动安全配置,锐程PLUSIn addition to effectively reducing the driver's driving fatigue,It also provides more comprehensive security than most competing products at the same level.

开起来更爽,It is safer to sit up,Consumers of such a family car will naturally have much less worry about using it.


03,It is not expensive to buy a car, and it is not a loss to sell a car,真正做到“Stress free car”


当然,Talking about the experience regardless of the price is a hooligan,A truly comfortable car,It must not be produced by people“价格焦虑”的——Everyone knows Rolls Royce is good,But looking at the price, no ordinary person can calm down.

Chang'an naturally wouldn't let RuichengPLUSThe high price has become the resistance for consumers to pursue a comfortable life,9.99-12.29万元的售价,It's in a price range that almost everyone looking to buy a new car can afford.

In addition to the purchase price is close to the people,Chang'an's cars have always been relatively value-preserving among a Chinese brand——根据中国汽车流通协会和精真估联合发布的《2022年10月中国汽车保值率研究报告》数据显示,Changan Automobile brand models3年保值率为61.3%,位列第四名.


Increased in the car、The replacement cycle is constantly shortening,It's not too expensive to buy a car,Selling a car is not bad,Spread out like this,The car owner's car cost has been reduced,The car will naturally be more relaxed and stress-free.

Choose one like Changan RuichengPLUS这样的车,扩大生活半径,提高生活品质,Make daily travel easier、自由,Make life more colorful、快乐——安逸的生活,大抵如此.(文|鹿由器)

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