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Why does the way of leading the flagship large five-seater SUV win the hearts of consumers?

2022-11-24 19:46:26UCAR Automotive Website

When it comes to crown, (AVANCIER)这款车,大家都不陌生.from life experience,If you look through the genealogy of Honda's models in China,You hardly crown (AVANCIER)is simply“继承了谁”或者“who replaced”.Even if you go to the wiki and search“AVANCIER”,can only find one2013five-door crossover.Although in two different“AVANCIER”中都有“crossover”的属性,但那台1999The models launched in 2010 are obviously different from those fifteen or sixteen years younger than it“冠道 (AVANCIER)”There's no real connection anymore.

2015年,本田以“CONCEPT D”named“AVANCIER”The reactivation of the name made a warm-up preview.2016年,冠道 (AVANCIER)370 TURBO(排量为2.0T)Released at the Yanqi Lake Convention and Exhibition Center.2022年3月底,冠道 (AVANCIER)累计销量突破35万,旗舰大五座SUVway of crown,Why can deeply consumer's heart

Naturally relying on superior product strength.

No competitor's interior space

如果,You're used to seeing test drive reports complimenting space with big,冠道 (AVANCIER)must be described as very large,冠道 (AVANCIER)拥有4858 x 1942 x 1675(mm)的宽大车身,在2820mm的轴距之下,Guangqi Honda has given its maximum rear row,This is also the most obvious advantage of the author after the test drive.

From the most ordinary people often measure the knee space,Forgive me for not being able to count with a few fists,Under the premise of driving in front of the normal sitting posture,Almost as long as my arm.Such a sense of space is usually in luxuryDIt's easy to feel grade car,至于SUVIt is rare.同时,The comfort equipment naturally did not disappoint,Both front seats can be electrically adjusted and ventilated and heated,And the fabric of the human body contact parts is made of high-grade top layer cowhide,other with subwoofer12horn、Multifunctional steering wheel covered in first-class leather、全景玻璃天窗、Texture superior wood decorative board、无钥匙进入启动、氛围灯等等,It can be seen that Guangqi Honda is developing with the specifications of luxury cars.

As for coming to the front row,In the center of the instrument panel in front of you is a4.2inch LCD driving information display,更有HUD抬头显示系统,Technological presentation is very strong.中央的8inch display can be operated by touch,Don't worry about direct sunlight affecting the recognition effect,Because there are multiple angle adjustments.除了支援Apple CarplayCan connect with mobile phone,也内建了Honda Connect智导互联系统,Wired navigation available、Functions such as calling for help and watching the news of the day.

And crown, (AVANCIER)Carrying plasma air purifier is also worth mentioning.其独有的PlasmaclusterPatented technology can release the same positive energy as nature(H+)与负(O2−)离子,After positive and negative ions attach to the surface of planktonic bacteria, hydrogen is extracted from bacterial surface proteins(H)post-catalytic protein,Completely destroy the bacterial structure,Effectively remove germs.冠道 (AVANCIER)还标配3Zone independent automatic air conditioning system andB柱空调出风口,Bring luxury car-level comfortable driving experience.

哪怕是SUV,Don't forget the joy of manipulation

当然,Since it's a Honda,Naturally, it won't disappoint.The author's most memorable crown (AVANCIER)370TURBOThe addictive driving experience on the version.Especially the innovation2.0T 直喷VTEC涡轮增压发动机+9The automatic transmission feels pretty good,再加上“honda lineage”的底盘,冠道 (AVANCIER)The control experience is no less than that of German luxury brands.

值得一提的是,2.0T+9ATThis powertrain is the first time Honda has used it in China,而冠道 (AVANCIER)It is the first car equipped with this power combination,Everyone is familiar with engine book data,最大功率200kW,峰值扭矩370N·m.发动机代号K20C3,Friends who are familiar with Honda may know,K20CThe series engine is an engine developed by Honda based on racing,It belongs to the Honda hall-level power system,And Honda is developingTURBOTechnology has a long history and excellent reputation.

而冠道(AVANCIER)240 TURBO版本上,则搭载了1.5T直喷VTEC TURBOHigh Efficiency Turbo Engine,燃烧效率高达38%,Bring a driver driving experience,The maximum output power of the engine reaches142kW/5600rpm,最大扭矩为243N·m/2000-5000rpm.

Specific to Crown Road (AVANCIER)上这台2.0T发动机,It has three highlights,Includes Honda housekeepingVTEC可变气门技术,As well as direct injection and electric wastegate,The direct effect is higher combustion efficiency and lower fuel consumption.其中,VTECVariable valve technology is to adjust the valve opening and opening timing,Optimized intake and exhaust airflow,increase engine charge/排气效率,Helps the engine deliver plenty of torque at lower revs.对了,还有一个重要的特点就是,这台2.0TThe engine only needs92号汽油就能满足.而与2.0Tengine matching fromZF的9速自动变速箱,在本田“技术控”的调校下,The performance of the transmission、Durability and other aspects have been adjusted and improved,so as not only to let the crown (AVANCIER)The acceleration response is more positive,It also makes driving more exciting.

除此之外,冠道 (AVANCIER)It also follows Honda's consistent high safety philosophy,The passive safety performance.尤其是引入了Honda SENSING安全超感系统,其中涵盖了ACC主动巡航控制系统、RDM车道偏移抑制系统、CMBS碰撞缓解制动系统、LKAS车道保持辅助、TSRIntelligent identification of traffic signs, etc.,The current mainstream of safe driving assistance“黑科技”all in,这套L2Advanced intelligent driving assistance system with high sensitivity、可靠性强,It is reassuring to use,Can effectively guarantee the travel safety of drivers and passengers,It also makes driving more comfortable.更有MVC360°全景影像系统、CTM后视动态提醒系统、PA自动泊车辅助系统、LWC盲点显示系统、PSSTechnology configuration such as parking radar system,Car bring convenience and safety for the user.


一辆车好不好,Sales will speak,冠道 (AVANCIER)Gained quickly since launch35万用户的信赖,Nature is without gac Honda has been polished for product strength,And if you happen to be facing Guan Dao right now (AVANCIER)有兴趣,can be considered more7月28Crown Road (AVANCIER)240 TURBO CVT 限量纪念版,Added smart electric tailgate and360°Equity packages for panoramic image system and other configurations,And the price only22.48万元,It is a national limit only3500台,Online store order is required,Really hurry up to buy.当然,If you are looking for stronger power and driving enjoyment,冠道370TURBOversion would be a better choice,At the end of the year, the peak season for car purchases,Why not take advantage of the policy window period of halving the purchase tax,get this one“旗舰大五座SUV”呢.

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