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1 order in 1 second!The new generation of Mondeo technology flagship version is coming, and the manufacturer's guide price is 218,800

2022-11-24 19:46:33Nice car

lThe new generation of Mondeo technology flagship version is officially launched,This model is based on the top modelST-Line打造,并在外观设计、智能座舱、Triple upgrades in smart driving,厂商指导价21.88万元,Increased compared to top models2000元,却拥有超7500Rich configuration of elements,Highlight the charm of high value,It can be ordered within a minute and a half when it goes online at Ford Mall88台,平均约1Book out in seconds1台,开局即热销,Strength refreshes the best-selling speed of mid-size cars.  

lThe technology flagship version leads the new generation of MondeoOTA升级①,新增“唱吧”、“Ford Online”、“Full-featured automatic parking voice enhancement”Three new features,Bring users frequently used and always new,超越期待的用车体验.


(2022年11月24日)今天,The new generation of Mondeo technology flagship version is officially launched,厂商指导价21.88万元,Further realization on the basis of excellent product strength“潮流”、“智能”Two-way advancement,It is a hot seller when it goes online at Ford Mall,Ordered in a minute and a half88台,平均约1Book out in seconds1台,Strength refreshes the sales speed of mid-size cars.As a meeting“成长”的车,The technology flagship version leads the new generation of MondeoOTA功能进阶,新增“唱吧”、“Ford Online”、“Full-featured automatic parking voice enhancement”功能,The car experience is always fresh online.



The flagship version of science and technology is both trendy and intelligent,上市即热销

The answer to youthful fashion,离不开“潮”字.The technology flagship version is based on the new-generation Mondeo top model ST-Line打造而来,Based on the dynamic shape of the four-door coupe,Add unique mecha style decal design,Line elements full of sense of technology outline a very sculptural body line,With orange color embellishment,Modern fashion without losing the sense of vitality,It fully demonstrates the temperament of freedom, casualness and unique personality.Refined and sharp graphic elements blend in with the original car design,Let the street be more stylish.内饰设计上,Continue to use the enveloping cockpit design,大量平直线条的运用,With black and red interior,简约大气,Create an atmosphere in the future technology cockpit.





“高阶智能”加身,Bring a full-range high-energy driving experience.The technology flagship version is equipped with up to 24个传感器配置,包括6个摄像头、5个毫米波雷达、12个超声波雷达以及1个驾驶员监控摄像头,The standard configuration is Ford's first in the worldL2级主动驾驶辅助功能BlueCruise,Available on specific sections of domestic expressways and urban expressways(0-130km/h速度区间内)实现“准自动辅助驾驶”,Integrated adaptive cruise control、车道居中、Acceleration, deceleration and steering functions,Make driving easier and safer.目前,BlueCruiseThe active driving assistance function has covered more than half of the country4010,000 kilometers of urban expressways and expressways,未来通过OTA升级,More supportable road segments will be covered,Realize more intelligent driving functions.




In addition to bringing a more youthful aesthetic design and higher-level intelligent driving assistance functions,The technology flagship version also brings more surprising prices,厂商指导价21.88万元,Just compare the top modelsST-Line多付2000元,That is to have super7500Rich configuration of elements,It was very popular when it went public,Highlight the charm of high value.

OTAThe upgrade is always open and new,A new smart driving experience that exceeds expectations

Want to try something new all the time“新体验”,OTAUpgrading is essential.The technology flagship version launched this time leads the new generation of MondeoOTA升级,Bring with the times“智车”体验.The new generation of Mondeo is based on the pure electric platform of Ford——福特FNV智能互联全网架构打造,具备整车OTA升级能力,Not only in smart driving、The intelligent cockpit can be continuously upgraded,It can also realize the continuous upgrade of related modules such as power,Really make the vehicle always open and new,Continue to be wise and predictable.此次新一代蒙迪欧OTA升级包含“唱吧”②、“Ford Online”、“Full-featured automatic parking voice enhancement”三大功能.值得关注的是,三大OTAFunctional upgrades are also covered for FordEVOS车型上.

唱吧,Move the audio-visual room into the car:own car,How willing to use someone else'sBGM?语音唤醒“我想唱歌”Or click Car“唱吧”应用,开启KSing Hi Sing mode,You can sing with your friends and family;

Ford Online,Know your information steward better:Perceive the user's mind with technology,推出“Ford Online”车机应用,Push rich content and fresh experience in real time,Quickly grasp first-hand fresh information,Wonderful at the touch of a button;

Full-featured automatic parking voice enhancement,Eloquent parking assistant:Added voice fusion full-featured automatic parking system,通过语音播报、语音引导,犹如“指导员”在左右,Parking is easy.



产品力“爆表”,There are hard core values ​​behind it

作为福特轿车旗舰,Since the launch of the new generation of Mondeo,With the dual advantages of tram-level intelligence and excellent performance and a new design、阔绰空间、可靠安全等卓越产品力,Become the trendy car of choice for more young users.

更有格调的颜值,Talent coincides with the aesthetics of young people.新一代蒙迪欧采用“势能美学”全新设计语言打造,四门轿跑外观、流线溜背造型,大气动感;“卧龙苏醒”迎宾功能,仪式感拉满.近5米车长、近3The wheelbase of 1.5 meters creates a comfortable and luxurious space.

More advanced intelligence,To be able to resonate with young people at the same frequency.新一代蒙迪欧搭载先进的1.1米超广域高清巨幅屏,具备SYNC+2.0智行互联系统,From car control to entertainment, it can understand your needs in seconds;多达18项智能驾驶辅助配置的福特Co-Pilot360Intelligent driving assistance function,以及福特V2I车路协同系统,让出行更高效、便捷.

更强劲的性能,In order to satisfy young people's yearning for travel.新一代蒙迪欧全系标配福特第四代EcoBoost2.0T发动机+8AT黄金动力总成,0-100km/h加速6.5秒③,Surging control is on the verge of triggering,采用超敏轻量化铝合金下控制臂,操控灵活,Enjoy a comfortable and smooth ride.

Stronger security,Only in this way can we carefully guard every journey with our family.新一代蒙迪欧采用高安全笼型车身设计,其中A柱采用3DRolling process1700Mpa马氏体钢,并配备7安全气囊,Let every trip enjoy peace of mind.



Facing the new wave of diversified and upgraded consumption,The new generation of Mondeo has a deep insight into the needs of Chinese users,With a more trendy and dynamic appearance,A smarter smart space creates a new flagship of technological taste,Bring a new trendy travel experience that is more in line with the young lifestyle,It will become a popular choice for more users.

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