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Taxi rides also need to be "minimalist", and Petal travels immediately with one click

2022-11-24 20:06:10Owner's home

"My mobile phone is completely out of control now. I open one software and jump into another software. It gives me the feeling that my Weibo especially wants to watch TV dramas, and my video website just wants to buy a pair of high heels."Recently, on the stage of the fifth season of "Talk Show Conference", Qiu Rui severely complained about the phenomenon of "implanted advertisements", and became everyone's Internet mouthpiece.

I often need to take a taxi to go out. Recently, I used a new application - Petal travel, which can be used directly after opening it in a second. I really feel what a "minimalist taxi" is!There are more and more software in everyone's mobile phone. The complex interface design, colorful publicity pictures and infinite pop-up windows are a headache.Imagine that when you are in a hurry to go out and take out your mobile phone to call a taxi, an advertisement pops up unexpectedly when you click on the taxi-hailing software, and you have to close the advertisement before you can enter the taxi-hailing interface, how annoying it would be!

Traveling in Petal is very simple.First of all, the design of Petal’s travel page is very simple, there are no redundant opening ads and widgets, no fancy banners and pop-up windows, and you don’t have to be bothered by ads.At the same time, relying on the HarmonyOS service card, Petal Travel can filter irrelevant information, and the interface design is simple and pure, making it easier to take a taxi!

Second, Petal travel is not an app, which does not need to be downloaded and installed, but an atomic service launched by Huawei based on the Hongmeng system. Users can call up the Petal travel service at any time when they need to take a taxi, and click and use.Petal travel also provides multiple entrances, through the desktop drop-down search, negative one-screen search and application market, you can directly enter the taxi interface.

Friends who want to go out and take a taxi more easily, and experience the simple taxi service, come and experience Petal travel!

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