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Starting at RMB 239,800, it is equipped with three locks. Is the Beijing BJ60 a luxury SUV or a hardcore off-road vehicle?

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       Obsessed with manipulation at a young age,I even like handling more than power,When I bought a short axle car I wanted to buy a two door car,但是我发现,No matter how steady you are in the corner、How fast is the cornering speed、How strong is the lateral support,There is always an online car-hailing car that will lead you slowly into the corner.

       After turning into a corner without feeling fun,The off-road seed in my heart begins to germinate,Slowly found that driving a hard-core off-road vehicle in the city is so cool,First of all, no more running around to avoid pits and manhole covers,And the same as the sports car,Hard-core off-road vehicles also have a look that keeps turning heads,As long as open don't suffer,A hard-core off-road vehicle is about as cool as a two-door sports car,But I didn't realize that as long as two thousands can buy a belt lock of the three5meter long guy.

       Before domestic models roll up,with increasing body size,The price also increased geometrically,但BJ60Such a hard-core off-road vehicle that only costs more than 200,000 yuan has5米长、带三把锁、有大梁、There is even four-wheel independent suspension、There is also a full range of comfort configurations、Purchase tax is also halved,even right away2023年了,It also made me sigh a little bit“It feels so good to see you roll up”.

       The square off-road vehicle has always been mine tooDream Car,But the current status of off-road vehicles is that the tank series needs to be lined up,路虎卫士、奔驰G价格高不可攀,The new Jimny was not introduced,拉达、212too simple,Regrets about the limited line of Raptors,It seems that there are only a small number of models represented by the Wrangler at a reasonable price,但50Wan is far from my budget for buying a car,This is also the car worth more than 200,000 yuanBJ60what makes me salivate.

       BJ60的长宽高分别为 5040/1955/1925mm,轴距为2820mm,满载最小离地间隙215mm,最大涉水深度750mm.

       You can see it on the side of the carBJ60With external spare tire,This kind of spare tire that does not take up space in the car is very good.什么?底挂备胎?Doesn't the spare tire on the bottom take up the position of the auxiliary fuel tank?.

       The side of the body is not only square but also muscular,Some people say that the profile is more like Prado,I think it looks closer to Lu Xun.

       The top version comes standard with20英寸轮毂,其他3The standard wheels are18英寸.

       Wheels of any size,Replace with larger particlesATChild can have a very strong effect.

       The tail shape is still mainly square,But the details are very delicate,Side open end door is hard off-road vehicles should be open.


       进入内饰,It is so luxurious that it is a hard-core off-road vehicle with a large beam,But who can refuse to enjoy the fun of luxurious texture while off-roading?.

       BJ60The hardcore elements in the car have not been reduced,It's just that these parts don't have the traditional hard plastic style,Using the piano lacquer、金属色、缝线、wrapping of leather.

       The square airbag cover of the steering wheel is in the shape of two parallel connecting lines,Provides a great sense of strength.

       Machine use tencentTAI 4.0系统,以智能、technology as a selling point,But what I look forward to more is the smoothness of the touch and the logic of operation.

       After looking at the luxurious interior for a long time, you may even forget that this is a model with an off-road theme,The toughest configuration is the configuration of three differential locks.

       All series are equipped with low-speed four-wheel drive function,When it is turned on, the center differential lock is also turned on at the same time,The weekend version only supports the optional rear axle differential lock,May 1st edition models are equipped with a rear axle differential lock,可选配前桥差速锁,The 11th edition model is equipped with three locks as standard,Is the price of each lock differential6000元.

       BJ60Ability to switch between two drives、高速四驱、低速四驱,Also equipped with mud、砂石、涉水等9种驾驶模式.

       Configuration is alsoBJ60的一大亮点,Both models except the minimum are equipped as standard360°全景影像、全速自适应巡航、L2Level of assisted driving and other functions,自动空调、远程启动、Bluetooth key and other functions are also standard configuration,What's more exaggerated is that in the top models,All four seats in the car are equipped with heated seats、通风、按摩.


       我对BJ60evaluation is rare,It is rare for a manufacturer to deeply cultivate hard-core off-road,It is also rare to control the guide price within the range of 200,000,同样,BJ60It is also an important part of the Beijing off-road system,Expect future market responses and subsequent dynamic experiences.


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