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CRRC Zhuzhou rolled off the 200,000th electric drive system product this year

2022-11-24 20:14:11IT News-IT Home

IT Home According to the news on November 24, CRRC Zhuzhou Times Electric’s 200,000th electric drive system in 2022The product officially rolled off the assembly line in Zhuzhou Railway Zhigu Industrial Park, which marks the first time that the company has reached the production level of 200,000 units per year. From 10,000 units per year to 200,000 units per year, it took 3year.

On November 20, 2014, CRRC Times Electric Vehicle Division was established, starting the marketization process of CRRC’s new energy passenger vehicle electric drive industry and entering the core of new energy passenger vehiclesAftermarket.After 498 days, on April 1, 2016, the first mass-produced product of CRRC Times Electric rolled off the assembly line.

CRRC Times Electric vigorously develops the new energy vehicle industry, and extends the core technology of "safety, reliability and intelligence" in the field of rail transportation to the electric drive system of new energy passenger vehicles. The company gradually builds a complete industrial chain of "component-component-system" with the electric drive system as the core.At the same time, the company is carrying out the "2+N" production capacity layout, and will build two main bases with Zhuzhou and Wuxi as the core to achieve large-scale production, thereby radiating the five major automobile industry clusters.

In order to serve core customers nearby, CRRC Times Electric also builds supporting factories in different places around core customers, so as to improve service efficiency and reduce product costs.Previously, the company and China FAW jointly established FAW CRRC Electric Drive System Co., Ltd. in Changchun.

IT Home has learned that CRRC Electric Drive has ranked among the top six in the industry in 2022, and rose to fourth in a single month in July, ranking among independent suppliers of electric drive systemssecond.

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