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BYD looks up to the R1 real car: It looks like a Land Rover from the side, and is tougher than the Mercedes-Benz G from the front. Buy it for 1 million?

2022-11-24 20:14:28Nice good car

Two years ago, if someone told you that BYD was going to manufacture and sell 1 million off-road vehicles, would you believe it?Of course I don’t believe it, because in 2020, BYD’s sales are far from breaking out, and DM-i and blade batteries have not yet arrived.

After 2020, the car world is no longer the same, BYD Blade Battery is officially released; less than a year later, DM-i superChaos was born.After 20 years of polishing, BYD finally ushered in the technological dividends that belong to Chinese cars and BYD itself.

With sales increasing, BYD is naturally considering high-end brands.Looking at the development of automobile brands in the world, Toyota, Honda, etc. have all launched their own luxury brands after their technology is perfect.As a Chinese brand, BYD now has the technical strength to create its own luxury brand.

There is more and more information about the first model that BYD's high-end brand looks up to, and there is no real car for the road testPicture up.The car is positioned as a non-load-bearing new energy hardcore off-road vehicle, internally code-named R1, according to the plan, the new car is expected to be unveiled in 2022 and launched in 2023.

Before, BYD officials said that the price range of high-end brands will be 800,000-1.5 million.This price has already caught up with the Land Rover and Mercedes-Benz Big G currently sold in China.

However, BYD obviously has bigger ambitions, you seeThe appearance of the R1 looks like a big G when viewed from the side, and a Land Rover when viewed from the side. Is it bluffing?Its front face adopts split headlights, a longitudinaldaytime running light is located above the front cover, and four sets of headlightsHidden on both sides of the front face, the diamond-shaped point decoration around the headlights is expected to be a dynamic light group.

From the picture, the profile of the side is more similarLand Rover Defender and other tough guy image of off-road vehicle style, sharp edges and corners.The height of the new car may exceed 1800mm, and the new car also has a considerable body length.It can be seen from the previous patent drawings that the R1 will also be equipped with three sets of multi-spoke petal-shaped wheels.

Interior design, look up to R1 and inject moreMore luxurious and technological, the steering wheel adopts the traditional three-spoke shape, and you can see two different colors of leather covering and exquisite stitching.The new car is equipped with a very sizeable LCD instrument, and it will also have a good display effect at present; the air outlet of the air conditioner is arranged above the entire center console, and there is a separate handle in the A-pillar area, and the hard-core appearanceForm an echo.

It is reported that this high-end brand looks up to, in terms of brand, product, sales service network, operation team, etc., it is brand new and independent.And it is said that the first product R1 will also use technology similar to hub motors.It is reported that the new car may be officially released in the first quarter of 2023.

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