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All the "Stories of Versailles" come from a preference of "Because you are different"

2022-11-24 21:16:17No. 1 car alliance

在2020神龙汽车文化节上,“元+”计划发布,it announces a“更懂中国”The legal system is coming.

随后,Versailles launched by Dongfeng CitroenC5 X,让“元+”The plan landed with sound.Under the premise that this car is affordable,to consumers from the start12项主流BConfigurations only available in mid- to high-end cars,它让“务实”与“厚道”,Become a new label of the legal system.

上市一年多以来,In addition to accurately grasping the dragon“元+”core elements of the plan,凡尔赛C5 XIt is also constantly deepening Dongfeng Citroen“因你不同”的品牌内核,under double superposition,这股“Versailles Boom”持续升温.


在我看来,“因你不同”The core lies in respect and innovation,It is based on the premise of respecting the needs of every consumer,in the process of actively responding,延展到“共创”领域,Promote brand and user“双向奔赴”,everyone can get from versaillesC5 X身上找到自己的需求,而凡尔赛C5 X,Also change as needed,Create common value with the majority of users in different needs.

从刚上市的“入门即高配”,到18英寸轮毂选装、Year of the Tiger gets off to a good start andFMlimited edition,凡尔赛C5 XTo the user demand response never delay.

尤其是11月12The new body color unveiled at the modification party“中国红”与“Mubai light gray”双拼内饰,It's also based entirely on listening to users,共创而来.

我们都知道,Dongfeng Citroen has always been strict in the choice of car paint,For Sale VersaillesC5 XThe car paint is all made ofBK&NP、AKZONOBEL、PPGSuch as the world's leading paint suppliers,造价不菲,But the paint finish is guaranteed“Ten years without fading”、耐久性更强,and has great visuals,Gilt Green、Popular colors such as space silver can be seen on the body.

这次新增的“中国红”车身配色,On this basis, further strengthen the advantages of Chinese characteristics and car paint.首先,It responds to Chinese consumers' desire for“红”的情感诉求;其次,“中国红”red not picked at random,but after research,Select the most popular primary color from various reds,And repeatedly debug between heavy and light,Specially tuned out a more agile and youthful tone.

最后,when this wipe“中国红”when appearing on the body,The craftsmanship of each ring is extremely meticulous.The reflector made of special paste,Able to present a bright and transparent effect,It can also show different colors with the change of light intensity or angle;Pervious to light by color varnish layer formation,Its most important role is to enhance“中国红”Brightness and transparent metallic texture;The protective layer strengthens the car paint's UV resistance on the basis of the original、anti-acid substance、Antioxidant properties.

在“层层加码”后,finally appeared in our field of vision“中国红”,Open and transparent,beautiful and deep,Textured and higher quality,Behind this is the innovation of Dongfeng Citroen.,And behind the innovation is a more expensive primer、更复杂的工艺、Higher costs are supporting,But consumers don't have to pay too much,仅需500元的选装费,You can add color to your personality.

除了“中国红”Other than paint,凡尔赛C5 X还新增了“Mubai light gray”双拼内饰,A French designer who is good at playing with fashion styles,In fact, the earliest“silverstone dark gray”A double on the interior,It has injected artistic atmosphere and French elegance into VersaillesC5 X的座舱内.

新增加的“Mubai light gray”The double-panel interior is based on its,A more delicate expression of rationality and sensibility.比如说,In this new color scheme,The proportion of light gray and other color close to0.618黄金比例,The most direct visual effect is to make the entire cockpit space more transparent and warm,Black and white color contrast as embellishment,Then break the dullness in the visual impact,Make French elegance more flexible elements.

on the emotional level,从黑、Surrounded by gray“闯”come out white,Originated from Dongfeng Citroen’s insight into consumers’ lives,寓意“A blank space in a busy life”,this little thought,在未来某个时刻,Maybe it can really give you some soothing effects from the visual senses or spiritual touch.

其他的部分,For example, the optimization of the color matching and process of the third layer of the center console and the door guard、ChevronStitching and Quilted Patching Embellishments,All details show the unique fashion and light luxury of French style.

Most car companies don't actually will vehicles inside and outside color options and considerations,as product development、设计的重点,But Dongfeng Citroen regards it as communicating with users、An important channel for responding to demand.

也许有人会说,Differentiate only by color,It's too thin,If the product itself is not good enough,To do so is indeed a bit“欲盖弥彰”,但凡尔赛C5 Xsolid foundation,Product strength is also outstanding,With brilliant color design,will play a icing on the cake effect.

we said earlier,凡尔赛C5 X入门即高配,including Aisin8速手自一体变速箱、无钥匙进入/启动、19英寸双色轮毂、主动开闭式进气格栅、前排6Electric adjustable leather seats, etc. are standard items,不用多说,Everyone knows the gold content of these configurations,basically an accord、凯美瑞等主流BIt is only available in mid-to-high-end cars or requires additional optional configurations,而14.37万的凡尔赛C5 XThe entry version can be won in one fell swoop.

15.87Wan's extraordinary version,On the basis of the entry-level version, there is an additional full-speed adaptive cruise、L2.5级智能驾驶辅助系统、前排座椅腰部支撑(4向)、12英寸中控液晶屏、自适应远近光等,The value content of the overall configuration is comparable to22.18万的凯美瑞2.5S骑士版、21.58Wan's Accord Magic Night·旗舰版,甚至多了CarPlay、语音控制空调、Full car keyless entry and other configurations.

The above configurations,Owner if pay extra add are likely to get,但是凡尔赛C5 X这两项“绝活”,are they mainstream at the same levelBNo matter what you can't experience on the car body.

一是PHC自适应液压稳定技术,As a housekeeping skill of Citroen,After years of continuous improvement and optimization,已经成为了“驾乘舒适”的代名词,That's not to say it's not passionate enough,相反,在配合MCSMaster Chassis Tuning and1.6T+8ATgold powertrain post,it widens versaillesC5 XApplicable range of road conditions,As far as my own test drive experience is concerned,When the vehicle is in a flat road,it adds some interesting road feel,提高驾驶乐趣,Make driving less boring,On bumpy or potholed roads,PHCAdaptive hydraulic stabilization technology responds very quickly to shocks,Shock absorption is more crisp and neat,而在快速过弯时,It also provides stable support,give me confidence.总之,No matter how complicated the road conditions are,It will also be under the premise of ensuring comfort,Provide space for passion.

二是C-Connect 3.0 智能网联系统,It is based on Citroen's next-generation electrical architecture,Relying on high-endOLED屏幕呈现,分辨率达到了1920×720,刷新率高达60赫兹,除此之外,It also has a wider color gamut than the Accord、Camry has a wide range of cars and machines.

而在使用过程中,Because this system is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon820A车规级处理器,so whether it's the speed at which the app is downloaded,fluency in interaction,superior to peers,I think it is even“Best joint venture”,Especially card-style interaction design,Not only novel gameplay,而且非常方便,它整个UIThe design language comes in the form of cards,It is very intuitive to extract the key information of each module,for us to find and use,And we also can according to your own car used to edit、The function of the portfolio to card,ready to use when needed,某种程度来说,这也是凡尔赛C5 XA new attempt in the field of customization and user co-creation.

重点是,对于消费者来说,To obtain these two“绝活”,门槛并不高,They come as standard for VersaillesC5 Xhigh value underpinning,And the beneficiaries are naturally the users.

17.37Extraordinary version of the million yuan,On the basis of the extraordinary version, there are more360度全景影像、3D彩色eHUD抬头显示、手机无线充电、Technology configuration such as electric tailgate,While strengthening the value content of the product,还特别推出了“1.99%Low interest car purchase plan”,For those who want to get a high-quality car experience,However, consumers who have insufficient funds or exceed the budget for a while carry out meticulous care.

Pleasure from the visual senses,Comfort bonus to car experience,Help when buying a car,Dongfeng Citroen has considered the needs of consumers in all aspects,and make adjustments accordingly,所有“因你不同”的展现形式,Both the starting point and the end point are to respect the Chinese market.

have a personality,叫“不止于轿车”

I believe that many consumers,尤其是凡尔赛C5 X的用户,Before touching the car in person,At the beginning, I was attracted by its unique and individual shape design..

In the era of highly homogeneous design,We rarely see a car like this,it's essentially a sedan,But it is not limited to cars in form,On it, we can see the elegance of the sedan at the same time,SUV的稳定性,旅行车的实用性,This innovative design is not only eye-catching,Also for the owners personalized modification provides a broad space.

Versailles beforeC5 X周年庆上,Dongfeng Citroen takes the lead in proofing,Showed a variety of cool modified cars,与此同时,It also encourages users to use their imagination,Through modified car has a unique attitude yourself.

为此,Dongfeng Citroen launched a series of refitting activities co-created with users.像最近的“The micro change players 全民凡尔赛”活动,从“精致”、“硬核”、“氛围”的角度,Open three tracks for the majority of users,Therefore it is foreseeable that the next,There is an increasingly personalized VersaillesC5 X行驶在街头,On the one hand, they verify the fit between brands and users in co-creation,On the other hand continue to heat up“凡尔赛”热度,and highlight its high playability label.

from the first time“不同凡响”,In the process of getting started with the modification“各取所需”,“Design Versailles”The charm never fades away.

“不止于轿车”的含义,In addition to the innovative design that integrates the advantages of multiple products,It also extends to our pursuit of a healthy and comfortable life.

if you drive in versaillesC5 X,“舒适”The word may come out of your mouth frequently,Maybe when you're wrapped in a high-density padded seat,maybe when you use“魔毯”when the rough times,Or maybe you're driving a VersaillesC5 X,When a wonderful journey has been completed,总之,There are too many car scene will give you a sincere acclaim.

And when we got out of the car,“舒适凡尔赛”的故事还在继续.

对于凡尔赛C5 X的潜在用户来说,it may have been a well prepared、delivered to your door“48小时免费试用”,It may also be jointly created by Liu Genghong and Dongfeng Citroen“凡尔赛操”,据悉,This is Liu Genghong's longest compilation,There's a lot of joy in it、舒适、活力的元素,Follow the dynamic rhythm,Multifarious thoughts and tired body,can achieve a certain degree of stretching and healing,Help us return to a healthy and comfortable living state.

when restarting,无论是3D彩色eHUD抬头显示,L2.5级智能驾驶辅助系统,Or foot sensor tailgate and other configurations,Are using technology to optimize car life,Help us“科技凡尔赛”的时光.

there is a hope,叫“凡尔赛C5 X”

凡尔赛C5 X的出场,and subsequent actions,Reversed consumers' prejudice against legal systems,This positive cognition will promote Dongfeng Citroen,Even the entire legal system will return to the mainstream track faster.

It has too many highlights,Created a variety of gameplay,Dongfeng Citroen also extracted various styles of play from it,从命名到设计,From configuration to driving,From product to life,We can see Dongfeng Citroen use everything in every dimension“更进一步”sincerity and creativity,show more“因你不同”The deductive form,这是让“Versailles fever”The fire that continues to heat up.

对于东风雪铁龙来说,凡尔赛C5 XHas jumped out the category of a car,It is the connection between the brand and the user、co-creation bond,Law renewal of flags,More consumers a channel to the high quality life.

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