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Exploding the news: Talking about the change of Sohu Automobile from the perspective of Sohu's personnel adjustment

2022-11-24 20:58:40whisper

Recently, unexpected things have happened one after another in the Internet of Vehicles: Autohome joined hands with Baidu Aladdin to make Bitauto lose traffic, Sogou transferred the car search portal to Pacific Ocean, and it is rumored that Alibaba will take a strategic stakeAutohome, etc. Of course, this is a matter for laymen to watch the excitement, and experts to watch the doorway. It is nothing more than a businessman's strategic adjustment, and no amount of gossip is useless.And in the past few days, someone broke the news that Sohu Auto's personnel changes have also made the world more bloody in this circle.

The following article is excerpted from the blog of an anonymous author, not an auto-vision point of view:

Recently, I heard that Sohu Auto has made personnel adjustments.Mr. resigned, and it was revealed that his new destination may be Phoenix Motors.And recently, there have been constant reports on Youmi that no bonuses have been paid in the past year, HR has been frozen and no longer recruits, etc. At the same time, there are also rumors that Sohu Auto will separate the regional marketing center, and the headquarters will still connect with manufacturers and major companies.The client of the public relations company, and Cui Lili took over the post of general manager.

People in the industry should hardly forget that in the past three years, Sohu Auto’s regional strategic layout has continued to expand, and successively released news that its portal vertical strategic model has made Sohu Auto the third largest in China.Automobile websites, unfortunately, Automobile Internet, especially friends who do dealership business in the region should all know that Sohu Auto's regional dealership coverage is far from being so high, and it is not even as good as sharing the area with several major automobile websites in the agency modelPacific Motors.

Now, the author would like to talk about some things about Sohu Auto.(Because the author is not deeply rooted in this industry, this opinion only represents my own and has nothing to do with any related websites)

First of all, let's talk about the regional operation of Sohu Auto.Since 2011, Sohu Auto has put all its efforts into operating the regional dealership business, and almost from the second half of the year, it took only one quarter to complete the regional strategic layout of 40 major cities.At the same time, the operation experience of its portal website has also prompted the formation of its regional team. It must be a dual structure of sales content, and has high requirements in content.editorial team.At this time, as Bitauto’s first round of expansion took nearly a year, some internal problems and contradictions began to emerge. Many employees left their jobs and moved to Sohu.The most humanized internal mechanism, more secure employment environment and higher salary system have also made employees join Sohu Auto to become the main sales and management team.

In the following six months, under the urging of the vertical strategic model of Sohu Auto Portal, the regional traffic has been increasing steadily, and the benefits brought along with it are that more Internet users have been attracted.When conducting business communication, I have more confidence, and I think from the bottom of my heart that the original business of the big portal is so easy!

In the second half of 2012, when the regional operation lasted for nearly a year, Sohu Auto City StationThe first wave of resignations has ushered in. At this time, some thoughtful and capable editors of local stations have switched to other portals and vertical websites to get rid of boring and high-intensity work, and some cities that operate slowly have also ushered in sales.Changes, of course, according to the analysis of insiders, the departure of many sales has a lot to do with the division of customers and performance. At the same time, some people do not agree with the operating mechanism.(These will be covered later)

Since then, after the second and third batches of people joined the Sohu family, more and more people complain that these people are far behind the first batch of employees(The author does not comment on these sensitive topics, and those who are interested can learn more from more informed people).

At the end of 2013, Sohu Automobile had begun to fall gradually. First, the unrealistic strategic layout gradually intensified the internal friction, and then there was no good coordinated operation between the large regions and the first-tier cities, and then the portal that is good at contentThe content has become less and less interesting. Sohu Auto's regional operation has little room to recover in the industry, and it has been left behind by its main competitors, Bitauto and Autohome.

The above is just an overview of the regional operation of Sohu Automobile in recent years. Then, what is the reason for the portal website that should have a relatively large positive energy to win the market? Auto-vision will continue to follow the author's blog forEveryone delivered in time.


Breaking news: From Sohu personnel adjustment to talk about Sohu Auto's change

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