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Why buy Tesla's "rough" interior for 300,000 yuan?Netizens say something, luxury car owners break their defenses

2022-11-24 20:58:36Zhang Youwei

Maybe everyone knows that in the domestic pure electric vehicle market, Tesla is now in full swing, with a monthly sales level of more than 80,000 vehicles, and the current TeslaThe price of Tesla Model 3 and Model Y is around 300,000 yuan, which is not cheap, but it still cannot stop the excellent sales performance of these two cars.

Why did you buy Tesla's

Although Tesla’s sales volume is excellent, the overall product performance is also very good. Many friends who have bought Tesla-related models are full of praise for Model 3 and Model YAbsolutely.But there is also a voice on the Internet, that is, the price of the two domestic Tesla models is at the level of 300,000 yuan, but the interior is very "simple", without full LCD instruments, and the interior is full of plastic panels and wood grain.Many netizens even use "rough housing" to describe the interior level of Tesla's two domestic models.

Why did you buy Tesla's

To be honest, Tesla’s interior performance, compared with domestic 300,000-level pure electric models, does have a certain gap in terms of high-end sense and texture, soWhy do so many car owners spend about 300,000 in budget and expenses, but still buy Tesla's "rough" interior?

About this question, we saw an answer from a netizen on the Internet, which can be said to tell the truth!This netizen said, why can you bear the $60,000 BMW X5 for $600,000?The Model Y is also $60,000 overseas. If you sell it for more than 300,000 yuan, you will say that the owner is a leek?You have to think carefully, is Tesla treating the owner as a leek, or BMW treating the owner as a leek.In addition, if you think that BMW's interior is worth 300,000, then you can spend 600,000 to buy a BMW X5, and no one will stop you...

300,000 why buy TeslaPulled

Although this netizen saidThe answer is not so clear at the level of expression, but the content of the expression is relatively obvious.In fact, in overseas markets, the entry-level prices of Tesla Model Y and BMW X5 are basically around 60,000 US dollars, and the prices are even higher in some places.However, after domestic production, the entry price of Model Y is less than 300,000 yuan, while the entry price of BMW X5 is as high as 600,000 yuan, twice that of Tesla Model Y.If the interior of the Tesla Model Y is "worthless" when the overseas prices of the two cars are the same, then the interior of the BMW X5 is worth 300,000 yuan, and an extra 300,000 yuan is spent on the interior.Which car is more cost-effective?

Why did you buy Tesla's

So this netizen’s comment made many luxury car owners break their defenses. It turns out that there are really luxury brands who use themselves as leeks, although Tesla"Finger", but Tesla is cutting leeks, and compared with traditional luxury brands, its "capability" is still far behind.

In fact, many car owners also have their own judgments about Tesla’s relatively simple interior. For Model 3 and Model Y, the core product strength is actuallyJust three points, one is the world's leading three-electric technology;Stronger power performance and higher intelligence. With these two points, the sales of BMW 3 Series/X3, Audi A4L/Q5L, and Mercedes-Benz C-Class/GLC are suppressed by Model 3 and Model Y, because these two carsThe overall experience is just better.

Why did you buy Tesla's

In the case of excellent core products, in fact, the interior is not luxurious enough, which is not a problem in essence. After all, the price is here. Many netizens think that Model 3 and ModelThe interior of the Y is too plain, or a bit of a "rough house" feeling, mainly because the domestically produced 300,000-level models perform too well at the interior level.But are the competitors of Model 3 and Model Y really these models?Obviously not!The competitors of these two models of Tesla are mid-sized sedans and mid-sized SUVs of Audi, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz. Looking back, we can see that the interiors of these two Tesla models are better than those of these luxury brand models.Isn't it also a downfall?

Why did you buy Tesla's

So in essence, although consumers sometimes have a certain degree of blindness in buying cars, overall, there is still a general trend.For the two models of Tesla, at least in the eyes of consumers, the disadvantages and advantages are obvious. As electric vehicle products, Tesla Model 3 and Model Y have no shortcomings in the core technology of electric vehicles.This is the advantage, and many car owners go for this.The interior is relatively plain, which is a disadvantage, but compared to the advantages, it is not a problem, and the key issue is that the relatively plain interior does not affect the use, nor does it have any impact on safety.

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